Signs Point to Avalanche Developing Mad Max Game

God of War II Director Cory Barlog has freely admitted via Twitter that he’s working on the video game adaptation for Mad Max: Fury Road, the movie set to release in 2012. However, one man does not a game make, … Continue reading


Super Meat Boy to Feature “Teh Internets”: Free DLC

Team Meat – the two man crew behind the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade platformer Super Meat Boy – have found a way to circumvent Microsoft’s data delivery service to give all players free content once they purchase the game. “The … Continue reading


Little Big Planet 2 Delayed to January 2011

In a surprising move of temperance, Sony’s allowed the release date for Little Big Planet 2 to slip past Holiday 2010. Naturally, the delay was only made to improve the quality of the game, as related in a statement from … Continue reading


Rumor: Project Milo Canceled

A series of layoffs at Lionhead Studios coincide with anonymous reports that the conceptually impressive but technically unfeasible Project Milo has bitten the dust. The same sources credited with the news also claim that the tech behind Project Milo will … Continue reading


Post-Bungie Halo Aspiring to Call of Duty Model

Now that Bungie has wiped its hands of the Halo franchise, Microsoft Game Studios Corporate Vice President Phil Spencer offers some vague ideas about where the franchise will go. “There’s no explicit strategy that says we’re to ship a Halo … Continue reading


MS Xbox & Entertainment Director: Who Needs Blu-ray?

UK Xbox and Entertainment Director Stephen McGill shared his insights regarding Blu-ray with Xbox360Achievements when cornered at a Halo: Reach launch event. The sentiment offered by McGill effectively kills any lingering notion that the Xbox 360 might adopt Blu-ray technology. … Continue reading


Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue Trailer

If you haven’t played Deathspank yet, you’re missing out. This game is a great example of what happens when developers put fun at the top of the feature list. It even may hold the record for fastest sequel ever. Today … Continue reading


Dead Rising 2 Launch Trailer

Dead Rising 2 is almost here. Europe looks to get the game on Friday, with the US waiting until next Monday. To celebrate the release of the game, Capcom has released their launch trailer. Duct Tape is a major them … Continue reading


Preview New Xbox Live Dashboard Features

Microsoft has been through a large number of dashboard updates. We started with the above “blade” system, moving towards the weird landscape avatar system of today. With the next dashboard fast approaching, Major Nelson is asking for a few good … Continue reading


MySims Sky Heroes + Dead Space?

I’ve seen some weird trailers with some weird crossovers, but I’m genuinely confused by this one. EA’s upcoming kid friendly MySims Sky Heroes combined with Dead Space? In anticipation of Dead Space 2, I’ve been playing the original recently. I … Continue reading


Glee in 8 bit

I’ve never actually seen Glee, so it’s not something that I can really bag on. My first instinct is to compare it to Cop Rock or that horrible show with dancing Wolverine that only lasted a season, so I’m not … Continue reading


HAWX 2 Review

Developer: Ubisoft Romania / Publisher: Ubisoft / ESRB: Teen (Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence) / Played on: Xbox 360 / Price: $49.99 Welcome once again to another VGR here on Machinima.com. I’m Rob Talbert and today I’ll be giving … Continue reading


Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review

Developer: Beenox / Publisher: Activision / ESRB: Teen (Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence) / Played on: Xbox 360 / Price: $59.99 Hello true believers and welcome to the Video Game Review. My name is Turtle and I will be … Continue reading


NHL 11 Review

Developer: EA Canada / Publisher: EA Sports / ESRB: Everyone 10+ (Mild Violence) / Played on: Xbox 360 / Price: $59.95 Over the past five years, EA Canada has been on an epic quest to perfect the game of virtual … Continue reading


Good ol’ Games Trolls Everyone: Back Online Tomorrow

embedded by Embedded Video The co-founders of Good ol’ Games appeared garbed as monks, flagellating themselves and begging apologies for a stunt turned sour. Despite indications that Good ol’ Games was shutting down, the truth is revealed: it was simply a … Continue reading


Starcraft II Dev Explains Why Game Was Split

Few announcements unleashed a nerd firestorm like the news that Starcraft II would come out as three separate titles. The furor has receded quite a bit since the release of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, giving Starcraft II Lead Designer Dustin Browder … Continue reading


Capcom and Level-5 Partner

We just can’t keep Capcom out of the headlines these days. As translated by Andriasang, an interview between Capcom Head of R&D Management Group Keiji Inafune and Level-5 President and CEO Akihiro Hino revealed that the two companies are collaborating on … Continue reading


Nintendo 3DS Hardware Spec Possibly Leaked

IGN reported specific hardware specifications on the Nintendo 3DS recently, courtesy of a developer speaking anonymously. According to the report, the 3DS contains two 266 MHz ARM11 CPUs, a 133MHz GPU, 4MB of video RAM, 64MB of RAM, and flash … Continue reading


Starcraft II 1.1 Patch: The Long-Awaited Terran Nerf

Patch 1.1 for Starcraft II dropped yesterday, bringing a bevy of balance adjustments that many clamored for. Terran adjustments top the list, with build times for bunkers and reapers increasing and battlecruiser and siege tank damage decreasing. Protoss zealots take … Continue reading


Vote for XBLA Deal of the Week

Xbox Live gold account owners can vote for their preferred Deal of the Week now by navigating to the Spotlight Channel and entering the Member’s Choice Deal of the Week Poll. Prospective discounts available include 33% off DeathSpank, 50% off … Continue reading