PS4 vs Oculus Rift – Inside Gaming Daily


Inside Gaming Trailers – March 20, 2014

Hey, what’s this? It looks like you’re “showering” Marge with gifts. With tiny, little, baby-sized gifts… oh, well, I’ll be in the tub. Continue reading

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2 Murderers are Better Than 1. Rambo the Video Game Gameplay Part 2


Inside Gaming Trailers – March 19, 2014

I don’t have your money here. It’s at Bill’s house and Fred’s house. Continue reading

Titanfall & Sex Tapes – Q&A

PS4 Sales Rise, Xbox One Catching Up?! and Much More – Inside Gaming Daily


Inside Gaming Trailers – March 18, 2014

Who makes Steve Guttenberg a star? Continue reading

Top 5 Games You Want (Spring 2014) – Inside Gaming Daily


Inside Gaming Trailers – March 17, 2014

Ahh, you’ve done grand, laddie. Now you know what you have to do. Burn the house down! Burn ‘em all! Continue reading

Drunk Souls. Dark Souls II Gameplay!

Stand by for Titanfall. Titanfall Gameplay

Online Rentals Coming to PS4? – Inside Gaming Daily


Inside Gaming Trailers – March 14, 2014

We pay $8 for the night and you can take 2 popsicles out of the freezer. Three. Two. Okay, 2 and I get to keep this old birdcage. Continue reading

Gotta Go Fast! – Behind the Scenes

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Inside Gaming Trailers – March 13, 2014

Doesn’t Gil get a lick? Continue reading

Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2014? – Inside Gaming Daily


Inside Gaming Trailers – March 12, 2014

Take my advice, this one’s not for greenhorns. Continue reading


Tales of Symphonia Chronicles Review

If you have yet to play the GameCube classic Tales of Symphonia then this PS3 update is the way to go to experience one of the best games in the franchise… Continue reading