The Cake is a Lie: Valve Writer Says There Are No Half-Life 3 Hints

This is just like that episode of Star Trek where they tell the robot that Mudd always lies, and then he told the robot that he’s lying… Continue reading


Deja Vu All Over Again: Vita Sales Dive While 3DS Thrives

Earlier this year, shortly after the 3DS’s big, dramatic launch, sales took a major hit, never to recover until the last few months (and the major price drop and the release of some actually good software). Well, now that the … Continue reading


Borderlands 2 “Gunzerker” Class Double-Fists its Way into your Heart

A post on Joystiq yesterday offers highlights on the “Gunzerker” class in the forthcoming Borderlands 2, discussed in preview in an article on IGN from earlier this week. Apparently, despite the fact that we’ve mostly seen the character in previews … Continue reading


New Controller for iOS Devices Looks Pretty Rad

Everyone keeps talking about how mobile gaming is the future, but it’s kind of hard to believe when the very best the platform/genre really has to offer is Peggle. The main barrier for a lot of people, myself included, is … Continue reading


Someone Made a Skyrim Mod with Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama

The headline pretty much says what this is. Continue reading


Another Diablo III Console Dev Advertisement

No official word on whether or not the game will be on consoles. Also, no official word on whether or not the earth orbits the sun. Continue reading


IGQA Podcast – Episode 13

I went to Costco and Ikea today, just thought I would share an intimate moment of my life with you guys. DIRECT DOWNLOAD


Dungeon Defenders 75% Off on Steam

Here’s a quickie: if you’re STILL not full of discounted gaming goodness, there’s a pretty solid sale going on today. We’ve just received word that Dungeon Defenders, which is already half-off on Steam, is going to be discounted by a … Continue reading


Old Republic Install Problems Anger Gamers, Conversion to the Dark Side Imminent

With seemingly clockwork regularity, the latest big-huge-totally-gigantic game release is encountering some big problems. This time around, it’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO that’s been hotly anticipated for ages, and the problem is keeping the game from even … Continue reading


Viacom Ordered to Pay Harmonix $383 Million

What’s that old proverb? Ah, yes: “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” Simple wisdom from a simpler age. It seems that Viacom and Harmonix, the former buying the latter after the explosion of popularity from the Guitar Hero games a few years … Continue reading


New Marvel Comics Avatar Items Make Me Excited

I have yet to drop a single dime on any of the various items available for my Xbox LIVE Avatar. That’s because I have this thing about paying actual money for things that aren’t real or give me any tangible … Continue reading


Obligatory Ocean Marketing Disaster Post

All it takes for crazy to happen is one day, you guys. Continue reading


Portable GameCube Handheld is Awesome-Tastic

Not too long ago, you might have seen us report on a little Super Nintendo (SNES) handheld, neatly titled the SupaBoy. Now, in even more cool hardware modding news, we have the the Envision, a portable GameCube system from modder Tchay. … Continue reading


Halo Reach And DLC Discounted on XBLA

If you’re an Xbox 360 owner that has yet to procure a copy of Halo: Reach for your gaming collection, for whatever silly reason, then you’ve lucked out–Microsoft is giving you another shot at it this holiday, and for a great … Continue reading


Second Vita Firmware Patch Released

About a week ago, we learned that very shortly after the PlayStation Vita’s release in Japan, Sony had already issued a patch to try and mitigate freezing problems and other glitches that gamers had been reporting. Today, it seems as … Continue reading


Saints Row the Third Performance Problems on PCs

According to a post on Joystiq, PC gamers hoping to enjoy Saints Row the Third have been running into some performance problems, particularly if they’re using AMD or Nvidia hardware. Apparently, despite having been ported to the PC by the … Continue reading


Kid Icarus: Uprising to Feature Online Multiplayer

One of the details mentioned in yesterday’s Boxing Day Announcements from Nintendo was the fact that the forthcoming 3DS game, Kid Icarus: Uprising, will feature worldwide online multiplayer, which is one of those features that makes games just great. A … Continue reading


Kojima Talks Potential of MGS Remake

According to a post on the UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine, Metal Gear bigwig Hideo Kojima has given consideration to the possibility of a high definition remake of the original PlayStation Metal Gear Solid, which is conspicuous by its absence in … Continue reading


Demos for Retail 3DS Games Hitting eShop in Japan

Try before you buy…what a novel concept! Continue reading


Trademark Filing Hints at New Hitman Game

According to a post on Siliconera, Square Enix of Europe has filed a trademark for something called Hitman: Profession. While it’s not much of a surprise that the company’s probably going to be moving ahead with another game in what’s … Continue reading