Zelda FlipNote Animations Made By Nintendo Staff

Flip note animation can be some of the most inspiring, adorable, and fun styles of animation. It seems that Nintendo would agree as well, as a handful of their staff has created some quirky Zelda-themed animations using their DSi FlipNote … Continue reading


SWTOR has 350,000 Concurrent Players

I guess multiple MMO’s can exist and be popular simultaneously. Continue reading


Last Minute Settlement in Fallout MMO Court Case

According to a post on Develop, the ongoing courtroom drama between Bethesda and Interplay over the Fallout MMO has come to an end. An anonymous source has said that after tense time in the courtroom, a judge’s recess brought the … Continue reading


Play SWTOR Wrong, Get Banned (UPDATED)

  Update In a forum post that recently surfaced on The Old Republic forums, Bioware sets the record straight, in regard to the recent handful of bans and exploitation happening within the game. In the original article, it was our understanding … Continue reading


Super Meat Boy Hits 1M Sales

You know that ridiculously difficult and strangely compelling game about a little guy made of meat who has to avoid grinders and smashers to rescue his ladylove? It was called Super Meat Boy, yes it was, and last month it … Continue reading


Three Devs Leave DICE for Mobile Developer

Despite the fact that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was clearly the winner of all video game sales contests this year, EA’s Battlefield 3 still enjoyed a pretty healthy bit of success from a critical and financial standpoint. But … Continue reading


Steam Hits Five Million Concurrent Players

Like most of the staff here at Inside Gaming, I spent my holiday break catching up on all the video games I’ve yet to finish from 2011, as to not backlog myself for the new year. It would appear that … Continue reading


3DS Sold Over 4 Million Units this Year

And also: who doesn’t love monkeys? Answer: no one. No one doesn’t like them. Continue reading


Rumor: WiiU to have an e-reader book service

  As if there weren’t enough devices in the world that you can read books on, it seems that Nintendo is also interested in dipping their toes into the world of e-readers with the upcoming WiiU. This rumor comes courtesy … Continue reading


Bioware looking at Mac Version of SWTOR

Bioware hears your cries Mac people, now read on. Continue reading


PC Mods Work on GTA III Mobile Version

These smart-phones CAN do everything. Continue reading


MAME Arcade Emulator Now Available in Google Chrome

Play timeless classics like Pacman, Burger Time and Donkey Kong, all in your Google Chrome browser. Continue reading


Notch’s 48-Hour Game Gets New Name ‘MiniTale’

It’s like a regular tale, but smaller. Continue reading


Rumor: God of War IV To Have Online Co-Op

Ripping off the limbs of the gods together, with friends. Continue reading


Leaked GameStop Document Reveals Vita Launch Lineup

A post on Destructoid today claims to have gotten a look at a leaked document from GameStop, which seems to reveal the forthcoming lineup of games for the American PlayStation Vita launch this February. Here’s the list of launch titles … Continue reading


Volpin Props Make Portal Boots Spring Into Reality

If I had a lot of money, and talent with my hands, I would definitely go into the prop-making business, since recreating stuff from games and TV and comics kind of makes life seem more fun and interesting. But, sadly, … Continue reading


New Phoenix Wright Movie Shots Look Crazy Cool

Now that I own a 3DS, I know that one of the things I have to do is go back and check out the Phoenix Wright games that were released for the DS. As it is, it’s just one of … Continue reading


UFC on Xbox LIVE is a Flop, Says Users

A recent live-streaming broadcast of UFC 141 on the new Xbox LIVE UFC channel seems to have pretty much shit the bed in a major way. According to many posts across the gaming internet, the broadcast was more or less … Continue reading


Anonymous vs. Sony: PSN, Customers Not Targeted, Sony Employees Are

Sony baloney. Continue reading


Tekken Tag 2 Custom Character Video Goes Batshit Weird

Namco Bandai has always has fun with their create-a-character modes in Tekken and Soulcalibur. That said, I don’t think Namco Bandai has ever taken their games to the level of the above insanity for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Check out … Continue reading