PC Mods Work on GTA III Mobile Version

These smart-phones CAN do everything. Continue reading


MAME Arcade Emulator Now Available in Google Chrome

Play timeless classics like Pacman, Burger Time and Donkey Kong, all in your Google Chrome browser. Continue reading


Notch’s 48-Hour Game Gets New Name ‘MiniTale’

It’s like a regular tale, but smaller. Continue reading


Rumor: God of War IV To Have Online Co-Op

Ripping off the limbs of the gods together, with friends. Continue reading


Leaked GameStop Document Reveals Vita Launch Lineup

A post on Destructoid today claims to have gotten a look at a leaked document from GameStop, which seems to reveal the forthcoming lineup of games for the American PlayStation Vita launch this February. Here’s the list of launch titles … Continue reading


Volpin Props Make Portal Boots Spring Into Reality

If I had a lot of money, and talent with my hands, I would definitely go into the prop-making business, since recreating stuff from games and TV and comics kind of makes life seem more fun and interesting. But, sadly, … Continue reading


New Phoenix Wright Movie Shots Look Crazy Cool

Now that I own a 3DS, I know that one of the things I have to do is go back and check out the Phoenix Wright games that were released for the DS. As it is, it’s just one of … Continue reading


UFC on Xbox LIVE is a Flop, Says Users

A recent live-streaming broadcast of UFC 141 on the new Xbox LIVE UFC channel seems to have pretty much shit the bed in a major way. According to many posts across the gaming internet, the broadcast was more or less … Continue reading


Anonymous vs. Sony: PSN, Customers Not Targeted, Sony Employees Are

Sony baloney. Continue reading


Tekken Tag 2 Custom Character Video Goes Batshit Weird

Namco Bandai has always has fun with their create-a-character modes in Tekken and Soulcalibur. That said, I don’t think Namco Bandai has ever taken their games to the level of the above insanity for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Check out … Continue reading


Ling Xiaoyu and M. Bison Leaked Through Xbox Live Marketplace For Street Fighter X Tekken

Microsoft and Capcom recently posted screenshots of upcoming fighter Street Fighter X Tekken on Xbox Live Marketplace, entirely appropriate for any new game coming to the 360. Unfortunately, not all screenshots posted on Marketplace include spoilers for unannounced characters for … Continue reading


We Could See BlazBlue 3 This Year

As far as fighting games go, we all know the big names and heavy hitters, but for me, it’s all about BlazBlue. Ever since the first one released, I’ve dug the spiritual successor to Guilty Gear for its way of … Continue reading


Binding of Isaac Could See a 3DS Port

Binding of Isaac was one of this year’s oddest little titles. A reimagining of the Biblical tale of Isaac, only this time transformed into a rougelike starring a naked boy pursued by his mother as she tries to slaughter him … Continue reading


Algol and Edge Master Returning to Soulcalibur V

With just over four weeks until Soulcalibur V launches in North America, so our friends at Namco Bandai have announced two returning characters to the new fighting game, the all-style fighting pro Edge Master and the end boss Algol, now … Continue reading


Epic Mickey 2 Rumored for Fall 2012 Release Date

It has certainly been a while since we last heard about Epic Mickey 2. Hinted at in a consumer survey, the survey indicated that the game was going multiplatform and coming to the Wii, 360, and PS3. Additional details seemed … Continue reading


Nintendo, Sony and EA Drop Support for SOPA

Yesterday, we reported that Anonymous had threatened to “extinguish” Sony if it didn’t retract its support of the internet piracy law in progress, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). As of this morning, a post on Geekosystem alerts us that Nintendo, Electronic Arts, … Continue reading


The Top Pirated Games of 2011

TorrentFreak has released the statistics for the most pirated games of this year, and the numbers are astronomical. Gears of War 3 lead the Xbox 360 charts at over 800,000 pirated units and Super Mario Galaxy 2 topped the list … Continue reading


Rumor: WiiU to Boast More Non-Game Apps, Bigger Marketplace

You’ve got apps on your phone, your computer, your tablet, and your e-reader. Now, if the rumors are true, you can get them on the WiiU next year. Continue reading


Old Microsoft Patent Details Console with DVR Functionality

In a patent filled in early 2007, Microsoft had an idea sketched out that would take current console functionality, and add in the ability to record streaming video directly to the system hard drive. As it so obviously turns out, … Continue reading


Get Your Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary T-Shirt Now!

With the release of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword celebrating 25 years of the Zelda franchise, it’s not surprising to see merchandising begin to rear its ugly head. HOWEVER, this t-shirt from King of Games is actually quite impressive, and … Continue reading