Kojima Talks Stagnation in Game Design

Hideo Kojima, the auteur behind the Metal Gear franchise of games, has spoken about the state of the games industry, and what he sees as a certain degree of stagnation in terms of game design and innovation because of consumer … Continue reading


Angry Birds Sold 6.5 Million on Christmas Day

Holy bird’s a-flyin’ Batman, Angry Birds was purchased 6.5 million times on Christmas day! All joking aside, the commercial mobile hit Angry Birds reportedly flew to the top of the charts once again, thanks to all the new phones being activated … Continue reading


That Was Fast: Japan Retailers Start Cutting Prices on PS Vita 3G

“Looks like the Price is Wrong, bitch.” Continue reading


Ink Up Your Xbox Live Avatar with Tattoos

Microsoft may have had issues with weapons on Xbox Live avatars, but it seems they have no problem with inking up your little virtual buddy with the addition of Avatar Tattoos. It should go without saying that, no, these tattoos … Continue reading


Mass Effect 3 Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed, Guns Galore

As with the majority of games these days, Mass Effect 3 will offer unique pre-order items at different retail and online markets. Specifically, Gamestop is offering up ‘N7 Warfare Gear’ to any customers who want to pop down the five … Continue reading


South Park: The Game Screenshots and Art Surface Online

A while back, we reported the announcement of a new South Park game by Obsidian Entertainment, aptly titled: South Park: The Game. Though the coverage was a month-long exclusive to Game Informer, it didn’t keep game website AusGamers from posting … Continue reading


Don’t expect a Skyward Sword Sequel, Says Nintendo

As is typical with nearly every Legend of Zelda game to date, plot and setting tend to be rebooted with each entry, allowing Nintendo to satisfy both the long-time fan, and the curious newcomer. According to reports from VG 24/7, … Continue reading


FYI: Video Game Companies Still Support SOPA Through ESA

The last week or so has been interesting with regard to video game companies and their relationship with SOPA, a bit of United States Legislation that could impose harsh censorship restrictions on the internet. Late last week, a video that … Continue reading


ESRB Reveals Violent Jiggles of Death in Soul Calibur V

The Entertainment Software Rating Board, or ESRB, is tasked with the job of determining ratings for video games, which are supposedly used by consumers (specifically parents and guardians) to help inform them about the appropriateness or lack thereof of certain … Continue reading


Microsoft Sort of Explains, Sort of Apologizes for UFC App Fail

Not in the face! Not in the face! Continue reading


Sonic Generations 3DS Review

Two Sonics also means twice the Tails, which strangely means four tails, which if you think about it… never mind, just keep reading. Continue reading


Inside Gaming Trailers – January 3, 2012

New Syndicate trailer, the first in 2012! Continue reading


Mommy’s Best Games Seeks ESA to Cease SOPA Support

Over the last few days, we’ve been posting news about threats purportedly being made by “hacktivist” group Anonymous against Sony for its support of SOPA, American legislation that would severely hamper the internet as we currently know it. Regardless of … Continue reading


In Development: God of War IV, FFX HD Remake

Writing news posts can be a funny thing. Sometimes, your whole story can be summed up in a simple headline: this thing is happening. Such is the case with news that certain games are in development—and such is the case … Continue reading


Zelda FlipNote Animations Made By Nintendo Staff

Flip note animation can be some of the most inspiring, adorable, and fun styles of animation. It seems that Nintendo would agree as well, as a handful of their staff has created some quirky Zelda-themed animations using their DSi FlipNote … Continue reading


SWTOR has 350,000 Concurrent Players

I guess multiple MMO’s can exist and be popular simultaneously. Continue reading


Last Minute Settlement in Fallout MMO Court Case

According to a post on Develop, the ongoing courtroom drama between Bethesda and Interplay over the Fallout MMO has come to an end. An anonymous source has said that after tense time in the courtroom, a judge’s recess brought the … Continue reading


Play SWTOR Wrong, Get Banned (UPDATED)

  Update In a forum post that recently surfaced on The Old Republic forums, Bioware sets the record straight, in regard to the recent handful of bans and exploitation happening within the game. In the original article, it was our understanding … Continue reading


Super Meat Boy Hits 1M Sales

You know that ridiculously difficult and strangely compelling game about a little guy made of meat who has to avoid grinders and smashers to rescue his ladylove? It was called Super Meat Boy, yes it was, and last month it … Continue reading


Three Devs Leave DICE for Mobile Developer

Despite the fact that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was clearly the winner of all video game sales contests this year, EA’s Battlefield 3 still enjoyed a pretty healthy bit of success from a critical and financial standpoint. But … Continue reading