Inside Gaming Trailers – February 14, 2014

I choo-choo-choose you. Continue reading


The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Review

Left Behind will be the only single-player DLC fans of The Last of Us will see. This raises the question: Can Naughty Dog deliver the same great experience in a smaller dosage? Continue reading

Titanfall vs Call of Duty: Ghosts – Inside Gaming Daily


Inside Gaming Trailers – February 13,2014

Styx? I just heard them on the King Biscuit Flower Hour. Continue reading


Infamous: Second Son Hands On

I can’t say if Infamous: Second Son will offer the same kind of simplicity, but even it does, the production values and the depth of the morality-based gameplay might make up for it. Continue reading

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Video Review

PS4 has More Games than Xbox One? – Inside Gaming Daily

I Wanna Go to Prom – Sims 3 Gameplay Part 12


Inside Gaming Trailers – February 12,2014

Don’t do what Donny Don’t does. Continue reading

GTA V with Oculus VR? – Inside Gaming Daily

CHICEKN Food – Behind the Scenes


Evolve Preview

Better run through the jungle! Continue reading


Inside Gaming Trailers – February 11, 2014

You call them steamed hams, despite the fact that are obviously grilled. Continue reading


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review

It’s the third game in the thirteenth of a series dating back to 1987, yet it’s also one of the most successfully inventive games I’ve ever played… Continue reading

Flappy Bird Dead? – Inside Gaming Daily



GET IN THE RING… Continue reading

PS4 and Xbox One: Worth It? – Q&A


Exclusive World of Speed Reveal and Images

A team-based massively multiplayer online car racing game… Continue reading

XXXTreme Man-Shoot – Steam Roulette