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SEX in GAMES is BAD? – Podcast #29

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Destiny Review

Destiny is a game where you get to drive a speeder bike around, blow up a bunch of aliens, then shoot some people in the face… Continue reading


Steam vs PS4 and Xbox One – Podcast #26

We talk about Steam hitting 100 million users and how that affects the games market and Tim Schafer’s Spacebase being canceled… Continue reading

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PewDiePie NOT on YouTube? – Podcast #25

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Should You Buy Destiny? – Podcast #24

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Will GTA 5 Get DELAYED? – Podcast #23

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Xbox One and PS4 HACKED? – Podcast #22

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Xbox One STOLE Tomb Raider? – Podcast #21

We talk about Exclusive-gate: Did Microsoft steal Rise of the Tomb Raider from Sony? And of course, tons of fan art and orange couch… Continue reading


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Will it Suck? – Podcast #20

We all know that Call of Duty is single-handedly destroying Western society, but will the next one be any good… Continue reading


Too Much Assassin’s Creed? – Podcast #19

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Far Cry 4: WILL YOU PLAY IT? – Podcast #18

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PS4 vs. Xbox One – Podcast #17

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YouTubers Paid to Play Games? – Podcast #16

Discussing YouTubers this week… what does “conflict of interest” mean? Continue reading


Oculus Has Too Much Money? – Podcast #15

Averaging three masturbation references per minute.

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Post E3, Destiny Gameplay – Podcast #14

We unwind from E3 by throwing magic balls at moon wizards. Continue reading

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Review

The thinking man’s Nazi slaughtering game… Continue reading