About Us

Inside Gaming is Machinima’s flagship gaming editorial and entertainment brand. We produce daily news, reviews, previews, and gameplay videos.

The following people contribute to Inside Gaming —

Adam Kovic

Born to a family of some sort, Adam grew up around videogames maybe. After dropping out of what he thought was a college he went to work at some dump that was across the street from another dump. At that second dump, Adam found out about a place called MAACHEENNEMMMA. Seven years later he’s still here doing what he loves: Bruce.

Bruce Greene

Born in the small town of Los Angeles, Bruce always wanted to become the world’s greatest unicyclist. At the tender age of 4, he was performing the fabled “double puckle chuck” when he fell, hit his head, and went into a coma. Fourteen years later, he woke up on the radio as a DJ in Santa Barbara with no knowledge of how he got there. As time passed, he learned to live and love again, and he was mentored by a jolly old fat man who showed him the 1’s and 0’s of life. As he was walking down the aisle at his college graduation, he grabbed the computer science diploma from his mentor and shook his hand, asking what was next. He whispered, “Half-life 3,” and Bruce never saw him again. Then Bruce worked on Attack of the Show at G4 and reviewed tech products for years. The end.

Joel Rubin

Joel takes great pride in working at Inside Game. He is love of Video Games from his childtime, when he gamed on the original Nintendard Entertainment Sister.

Now that Joel is Adam & Bruce, they work to videos excellents. Many thanks to all the dozens of views, and onward to Gaming History!

James Willems

James Willems is a lifelong fan of videos games and inappropriate humor. Naturally, he ended up on Inside Gaming to sing the praises of Psychonauts and mock ARMA. More than once he’s been described as dashing AND daring; courageous and caring; faithful and friendly; with stories to tell. He’ll march through the forest and sing out in chorus. Marchining along as his song fills the air. GUMMI BEARS BOUNCING HERE AND THERE AND EVERYWHERE. HIGH ADVENTURE THAT’S BEYOND COMPARE HE IS THE GUMMI BEARS.

Lawrence Sonntag

Lawrence currently maintains the IG blog and creates the IG newsletter. He likes industrial music, Dire Straits, Earthbound, and just about every game ever made. Despite a degree in Computer Science, he is now a full time freelance writer and will do just about anything for a paycheck. Just about.

Phil Jasicki

I’m the Sr. Manager of Content Distribution, which basically means I watch a ton of videos and send out a bunch of emails. As long as I look busy, nobody bothers me. That’s really the key to working. I used to build arcade machines, I love playing terrible video games, I love showering, but most importantly, I love you.

Rob Smith

The dad of the IG team has been hanging around the videogame media space for 20 years. That’s not a typo, it’s really that long. He talks to publishers and developers every day, finding content and opportunities to enlighten the great kids of the YouTubes, who he loves dearly. When those kids invade his lawn he welcomes them with open arms. Because bringing gaming joy to the world is what he lives for. It’s a fact.

Esmeralda Portillo

Esmeralda Portillo is the managing editor for Inside Gaming. She’s usually busy keeping the blog in order, writing reviews, previews, and any other babble she can convince the powers that be to post. If she’s not distracted by puppy gifs, she’s writing nonsense on her blog. Her favorite game is trying to piece together all the convoluted plot points of the Kingdom Hearts series.

You can follow her on Twitter and, surprisingly,  Google+.

Matt Peake

Short version: Matt likes video games and editing. He communicates through lower thirds.

Serious version: Matt Peake went to film school where his love of video editing and all things post production grew. After school he was fortunate enough to take an unpaid internship that eventually turned into his first “career path” job where he did visual effects and eventually assistant editing for [adult swim] shows Moral Orel and Robot Chicken. Throughout those times Matt had a good friend named Adam Kovic who eventually helped him out with a job and the rest is history!

John Yniguez

John edits IGDaily every day, which means he has seen more terrible sights than you can comprehend. He is in love with Hawaii and maybe likes to surf or something.

Landon Robinson

As Contributing Editor on the site, Landon has been responsible for bringing fresh news, previews, reviews and features to the written side of Inside Gaming (with a video review here and there). Growing up a Nintendo kid, his favorite games are naturally Kirby’s Adventure (NES), Super Mario 64 (N64), and Banjo-Kazooie (N64). He has a bachelors degree in Computer Science, and grew up in the hilly plains of northern Arkansas. When he’s not playing videogames poorly, he’s playing a banjo…poorly.

Brian P. Rubin

Brian P. Rubin is a freelance writer living in Minneapolis. He’s been an avid gamer since 1988, when he honed his button-hitting skills with Big Bird’s Special Delivery for the Atari XL. He’s been writing for Machinima’s Inside Gaming Daily news blog since July 2011, contributing daily news posts, reviews, and previews, and taking on scripting duties for Machinima’s All Your History and Graphic Content series.

Miguel Concepcion

In fifth grade, Miguel kicked one of those red playground balls across the length of a basketball court and managed to make the basket. His classmate Sean Vogel was a witness, though he hasn’t seen Sean since fifth grade. There’s also a corkboard in a Silicon Valley pizza parlor with a Polaroid of Miguel’s face a mere several inches away from a Polaroid of competitive eater Joey Chestnut. Miguel is one of those curious poster children on why interning works, thanks to San Francisco State University and the late 90s fledging cable TV network, ZDTV. The Monday after graduation, he had a production assistant position waiting for him at Gamespot TV. Through changes in the network’s ownership the show changed to Extended Play, then X-Play. He didn’t move down to LA after G4 bought TechTV and X-Play. Man, that was a lifetime ago.

Miguel often dislikes the speed of time. He’s open minded to all game genres though he has the easiest time with arcade racers and the hardest time with real-time strategy games. His pet peeves change by the week. Lately, he dislikes grocery shoppers who hold up register lines because they forgot something on their list.

Chris Hudak

Chris Hudak (chrishudak@gmail.com/chris@gametheorymedia.com) is a writer, game designer/scriptwriter, former San Francisco Zoo penguin recorder, frequent-flyer junkie, self-proclaimed lucid dream expert, poolshark-in-minnow’s-clothing, wayward ‘student’ of all things Japanese, videogamer-with-a-life, and moonlighting, kinda-sorta actor in his copious spare time. He writes weird fiction and loves travel, women, books, movies/anime, games, technology, food, drinking, History in general, the Age of Sail in particular, clubs/nightlife, toys and penguins (more or less in that order), and also contributes to Machinima, Playboy, Game Revolution, Wired, horror/fantasy/sci-fi publications without number, and basically whoever else has money. Chris is the named protagonist of the Harlan Ellison short story “Keyboard”—seriously, look it up—and some day wants a house in Walt Disney World.

“Never mind the maneuvers–just go straight at ‘em.”
–Horatio Nelson