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Valve CENSORS Steam? – Podcast #38

We talk about how Valve pulled Hatred from Steam and what that means for censoring games and what we did at Joel’s house… Continue reading


SteamOS Launches Tomorrow

And Steam Machine beta kits go out, too… Continue reading


Steam Hits 7 Million Concurrent Users

Most steampressive. Happy Thanksgabing. Continue reading


Valve Demonstrates Steam Controller with Portal 2, Counter-Strike, Civ V, and Papers, Please

The darn thing sure looks like it works well enough, even at this early stage. Keep the updates coming, Valve. Continue reading


Valve Hosting An ‘Off the Record’ Developers Conference in January

“A relaxed, off the record environment” where discussions of Linux, OpenGL, virtual reality, and user-generated content can take place. Continue reading


Valve Unveils Hardware Specs for Internal Steam Machine Prototype

And this puppy packs a wallop. Continue reading


Half-Life 3…Confirmed? Maybe?!

A European trademark, evidence of a development team…the pieces all fit… Continue reading


Valve Announces its Own Controller With Touch Screen and No Analog Sticks

This thing is flippin’ interesting. Continue reading


Valve Hardware Beta EULA Confirms Controller

Will probably have straps for your head to measure your brains. Continue reading


Valve Announces “Steam Machines”, Living Room Boxes for PC Gaming

It’s not one Steambox, but many. Valve is making a prototype, as are other companies. And you can have one soon. Continue reading


Shuhei Yoshida Wants to Stream PlayStation Games to More Devices

Maybe even Valve’s “living room devices”! Continue reading


Valve Announces SteamOS, Its Streaming Solution for PC Gaming in the Living Room

Let’s talk about what we know. Continue reading


Valve Posts Steam Box Teaser [Updated]

At least…that’s what we think it is… Continue reading


Valve to Unveil Steam Box Next Week?

Gabe Newell drops hints in his keynote speech at LinuxCon 2013 yesterday… Continue reading


Valve Announces Family Sharing Feature for Steam

Taking swings at the Xbox One, I see… Continue reading


Former Valve Business Director Jason Holtman Now at Microsoft

Focusing on getting Windows in the game game… Continue reading


Spelunky on PC to Have Daily Random Challenge Levels

It’s like a “daily” in an MMO, but probably less of a chore. Continue reading


Steam Summer Sale is Happening, and it Broke the Site [Updated]

Take a look and see what’s on sale… Continue reading


Dota 2 Officially Out of Beta, Available to All Who Desire a Complete Lack of Free time

We have arrived, gentlemen… Continue reading


Steam Workshop Now Allowing Creators to Compensate Project Helpers

Let’s make more money together… Continue reading