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Valve CENSORS Steam? – Podcast #38

We talk about how Valve pulled Hatred from Steam and what that means for censoring games and what we did at Joel’s house… Continue reading


Steam vs PS4 and Xbox One – Podcast #26

We talk about Steam hitting 100 million users and how that affects the games market and Tim Schafer’s Spacebase being canceled… Continue reading

You Won’t Play Goat Simulator – Inside Gaming Daily


Continue?9876543210 Review

Continue? is either answering life’s questions or presenting some you weren’t considering before… Continue reading


Walking Dead Season 2 Rises on December 17

At least, according to a recently posted Steam page… Continue reading


Steam Hits 7 Million Concurrent Users

Most steampressive. Happy Thanksgabing. Continue reading


Dark Matter Pulled from Steam over Ending Controversy

Meanwhile, GOG offers refunds… Continue reading


Double Fine Announces SpaceBase Alpha

You had me at “build a space station”… Continue reading


OUYA Exclusive ‘Towerfall’ Slated for January 2014 PC Release

And, yes… it’s like Smash Bros. with arrows. Well, more arrows, anyway. Continue reading


XCOM Steam Sale and Free Weekend

Get ten percent off the “Enemy Within” pre-order… Continue reading


Half-Life 3…Confirmed? Maybe?!

A European trademark, evidence of a development team…the pieces all fit… Continue reading


Valve Hardware Beta EULA Confirms Controller

Will probably have straps for your head to measure your brains. Continue reading


Valve Announces SteamOS, Its Streaming Solution for PC Gaming in the Living Room

Let’s talk about what we know. Continue reading


Saints Row 4 DLC Free on Steam Today

Called “GAT V.” Weird! Continue reading


Valve Announces Family Sharing Feature for Steam

Taking swings at the Xbox One, I see… Continue reading


So SpeedRunners Looks Like Great Multiplayer Platforming Fun

Imagine N+ with grappling hooks and multiplayer… Continue reading


Arkham Origins Skipping Games for Windows Live

Multiplayer Batman is going with Team Steam. Continue reading


Former Valve Business Director Jason Holtman Now at Microsoft

Focusing on getting Windows in the game game… Continue reading


Guacamelee: Gold Edition Out Now on Steam

New costumes, achievements, custom skins, cloud saves, mod support, remappable controls, and support for both Big Picture Mode and Trading Cards… Continue reading


PC Exclusive FPS ‘Betrayer’ Announced, Features Black, White and Red Visuals

And will release on Steam Early Access later this month… Continue reading