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Sega Classics Getting 3D Ports for 3DS

Okay, that’s pretty great. Continue reading


Trademark Filed for New Aliens Game [Update]

Rumors coming in that Alien: Isolation stars Ripley’s daughter… Continue reading


First Company of Heroes 2 DLC ‘Case Blue’ Out Now on Steam

Got a case of the blues, war nerds? Try this DLC on for size! Continue reading


Sega Buys Atlus Parent Company

Completing the deal at Sonic speed… Continue reading


Company of Heroes 2 Sales Halted in Russia

Sega investigates… Continue reading


Sega and Other Game Companies Bidding for Atlus

Could be resolved by the end of August… Continue reading


Sonic Lost World Gameplay Video Leaks Online

Unlike the future of the Sonic franchise, the footage is dazzlingly clear. Continue reading


Project X Zone Review

Project X Zone isn’t a game for everyone, but gamers with prior experience with the referenced franchises will appreciate the game all the better. Continue reading


Final Piece of Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC ‘Stasis Interrupted’ Out Today

Guess it wasn’t game over after all. Continue reading


Aliens Colonial Marines to Get New DLC Soon

Yay? Continue reading


Company of Heroes 2 Review

Provides a robust campaign, substantive side challenges, and a deep multiplayer that has the potential to foster a thriving community… Continue reading


E3 2013: Total War: Rome II Preview

Well then, I guess we’ll just make the best game even better… Continue reading


Sonic: Lost World Gameplay Shown, Totally Mario Galaxy-Inspired

Are you ready for a whole fistful of Super Sonic Galaxy? Open wide… Continue reading


Sega Bringing Sonic to Ouya

Try before you buy… Continue reading


Sonic: Lost World Features Multiplayer and Off-TV Gamepad Play

Tails better be in this game… Continue reading


Sonic Lost Worlds Gameplay Revealed Through New Trailer

Combine the defenseless forest animals from Sonic: The Hedgehog 2, the funky alien basketball players from 90’s hit movie Space Jam, and a dash of Super Mario Galaxy… Continue reading


Sonic: Lost World Trademark and Domains Registered by SEGA

Is it new Sonic game? Probably. Continue reading


Gearbox and Sega Respond to Aliens Colonial Marines Lawsuit

“Beyond meritless…” Continue reading


Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Sega and Gearbox Over Aliens Colonial Marines

Hell hath no fury like a gamer scorned. Continue reading


Company of Heroes 2 – Theater of War Mode Preview

With just two months to launch, Sega and Relic Entertainment are showing off a brand new feature in the game called Theater of War. Continue reading