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PAX Prime 2013: Windborne First Look

Windborne has a unique core that is above the easy Minecraft comparison that some folks will make. Plus, it has sheep. So there. Continue reading


Tons of Indie Games Announced for PS4 and Vita

Minecraft, Hotline Miami 2, N++, The Binding of Isaac, Fez, and many more… Continue reading


Minecraft Creator Notch Puts ‘0x10c’ “on ice”

“I want to play this game so much, but I am not the right person to make it. Not any more.” Continue reading


Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update Released for PC/Mac

Learn about it through a catchy acoustic song… Continue reading


Minecraft Sells Over 450K Copies on Christmas

Notch is round, has a beard, and he always wears a hat…hmmm…. Continue reading


Notch Talks Some More Space Game

If that headline doesn’t make sense, you’re probably on the wrong blog… Continue reading


Minecraft Update 1.5 Adds Awesome New Redstone Features

The first of many new updates to come… Continue reading


Texture Pack Support Coming to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

No release date, no pricing information. Creepers will still destroy everything you’ve ever cared about. Continue reading


Notch Shows Off Multiplayer In His Newest Game 0x10c

…some killer laser guns and some crawling around in an abandoned space ship. Continue reading


New Footage of Notch’s Space Game

Walk around in the dark and shoot a gun… Continue reading


Minecraft on XBLA hits 4 Million Sales

People like this game. Continue reading


Notch Slams Windows 8 Again

Refuses to help Microsoft certify Minecraft for the closed platform… Continue reading


Minecraft Update 1.8.2 On its Way to XBLA, New Video and Screenshots

That wait is nearly over, my friends… Continue reading


Minecraft ‘Adventure Update’ on Xbox 360 ‘still weeks away’ from release

We know you’re really excited and all… Continue reading


Minecraft PC Update 1.3 Now Available

Run! Get you some Minecraft 1.3 before it’s too late! Continue reading


Minecraft Protagonist is a Student at Greendale Community College

Go Human Beings! Continue reading


Minecraft Developer’s Canned Game was an FPS

Mojang isn’t opposed to collaborations going forward though, so long as they’re “not to make money.” Continue reading


Minecraft Reviewed by Conan O’Brien, Earns Respectable Score

“So it’s like we’re in Wales in the 19th century and we’re desperately poor? What a fun game for kids.” Continue reading


Minecraft on XBLA Surpasses 3 Million Sales

Top Notch. Continue reading


Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition 1.73 Update Hitting Tomorrow

Get to craftin’! Continue reading