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Microsoft Announces 2 Million in Xbox One Sales

Right on pace with Sony’s PS4… Continue reading


List of Indie Developers Working on Xbox One Games Announced

“We’ve shipped dev kits to more than 50 studios…” Continue reading


Major Nelson Promises Fix for Xbox One’s Busted Party Chat

Don’t party too hardy in the meantime. Continue reading


Xbox One: The (Not Really A) Review

It’s time for us to tell you what we think of how the Xbox One handles, plays, its features and functions… Continue reading


December’s Games with Gold Titles Revealed

Gears of War and Shoot Many Robots free with your subscription… Continue reading


Microsoft Offering Free Game for Busted Xbox Ones

Your move, Sony. Where’s my free game?! Continue reading


Xbox One Sells Over a Million Units in 24 Hours

Meanwhile, Microsoft comments on busted disc drive issues… Continue reading


Xbox One Launch Sees Reports of Busted Disc Drives

Xboned. Continue reading


No Dolby Support for Xbox One Launch

Sounds bad. Continue reading


Crimson Dragon Gets Update Before Xbox One Launch

The development on this one seems to dragon. Continue reading


Microsoft Doesn’t Want You Updating Xbox One via USB

Posts instructions on how to do so, then removes them… Continue reading


Please Enjoy these Kinect Command Cheat Sheets

Sign language. Continue reading


Xbox One to Lack Gameplay Streaming at Launch

Ex-stream-ly disappointing. Continue reading


Want to Know what the Xbox One Cheevos Look Like?

Then you should click this post! Continue reading


Xbox One Launch Game Install Sizes Revealed

I’ve always been told it’s not the size that counts. Continue reading


Microsoft Reveals Xbox One’s App Launch Lineup

Hey, look, the Machinima app. Continue reading


Xbox One to Support Eight Person Party Chat at Launch

Xbox 360-to-Xbox One chat, however, will not be allowed due to “a variety of technical reasons.” Continue reading