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“Kinect is a Joke.” – Inside Gaming Daily

Xbox One Price Drop in the UK! – Inside Gaming Daily


Xbox One: The (Not Really A) Review

It’s time for us to tell you what we think of how the Xbox One handles, plays, its features and functions… Continue reading


Please Enjoy these Kinect Command Cheat Sheets

Sign language. Continue reading


Watch Major Nelson Use Kinect to Redeem a Code

Hey, the Kinect is actually useful! Continue reading


Microsoft Has Tips on Where to Stick Your Kinect

And I have my own tip on where they can stick the Kinect… Continue reading


Microsoft Mixes Messages on Kinect’s Potential for Advertising [Update]

Is the Kinect watching you? Yes. Does Microsoft want advertisers to watch you too? Maybe. Continue reading


“Xbox On” Voice Commands will Only Work in Five Territories at Launch [UPDATED]

“There are many complexities associated with delivering a great voice experience around the world”… Continue reading


Microsoft’s Phil Harrison: “Xbox One is Kinect”

Also, “the things we say are always true, except for all those things that weren’t.” Continue reading


Could Ubisoft’s Fighter Within be an Xbox One Kinect Game?

Uh-oh. Continue reading


Microsoft Says Xbox One Will Work With an Unplugged Kinect

So…is anything you said actually still true? Continue reading


Xbox One to Release Kinect-Less Bundle in 2014 (Updated)

Not that this will affect you early adopters out there… Continue reading


New Kinect Costs Almost As Much as Xbox One

The straight dope from a Microsoft developer… Continue reading


Battlefield 4 on Xbox One to Feature Kinect

But no motion controls, thank goodness. Continue reading


Microsoft Confirms No Headset Included in Xbox One

Because the Kinect has microphones. Yup. Continue reading


Xbox One’s Kinect Still Necessary to Function

That dumb robot face will watch your every move. Continue reading


E3 Predictions – IG Podcast #3

This time we’re predicting what we think is gonna be shown at E3, but more importantly we try to figure our Rob’s accent. Continue reading


The New Kinect Looks Like a Dumb Robot Face

…no, really. Continue reading


Check out the Kinect 2.0

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Microsoft Cancels Gore Verbinski Kinect Game

No Matter. Continue reading