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Dwarven Delve is the World’s First Action Puzzle Crawl

And it’s looking to get going on Kickstarter… Continue reading


Precursor Games Slowly Dissolves After Kickstarter Failure

Shadow of the Eternals “on hold”… Continue reading


Ouya’s Free the Games Fund Dogged by Allegations

After funding two questionable Kickstarters, a third is denied… Continue reading


Mutant Football League Tackles Kickstarter

Made by the same guy who created Mutant League Football back in the day… Continue reading


Wayforward Adds Vita to Platform List for Shantae Kickstarter

Tapping its portable roots… Continue reading


Mighty No.9 Can Come to Next-Gen Consoles With Your Assistance

Handheld ports of the game are also on the table… Continue reading


PAX Prime 2013: Codename Cygnus First Look

It blurs a fascinating new line between podcast, radio show, and interactive text adventure… Continue reading


Wayforward Launches Shantae Kickstarter

One day in, already eleven percent there… Continue reading


Mega Man Creator’s New Kickstarter Campaign Succeeds within Days

Probably because it looks a LOT like Mega ManContinue reading


PAX Prime 2013: Dragons of Elanthia Hands-On

When you really sit down and think about it, you don’t have damn near enough dragons in your video games. Continue reading


Awesomenauts Expansion Quickly Nails Kickstarter Goal

That’s pretty darn Awesome… nauts. Continue reading


Precursor Games Misses Kickstarter Goal

Eternally dark. Continue reading


Awesomenauts Expansion ‘Starstorm’ Up on Kickstarter, Needs $125,000

Awesomenauts, in case you didn’t hear, is also headed to the PlayStation 4. The expansion will also show up there, as well as on PC, if funded. Continue reading


Shadowrun Returns “Berlin” DLC Delayed

Being built into a full-on expansion… Continue reading


Voice of John Marston from Red Dead Redemption Joining ‘Codename Cygnus’ Cast

Between this radio show and a possible Red Dead Redemption 2, I couldn’t be in a better mood. Continue reading


Shadowrun Returns ‘Berlin’ DLC Slated for October Release

And the iOS/Android version will be out in “a few weeks.” Continue reading


73% of OUYA Owners Haven’t Bought a Single Game

I had a really good OUYA pun to put here, but it just didn’t sound right. Sorry. Continue reading


MotorGun Kickstarter Canceled Less than a Week In

“Kickstarter is a harsh mistress.” Continue reading


Shadow of the Eternals Returns to Kickstarter

And it seems somewhat realistic! Maybe! Continue reading


OUYA Exclusive ‘Towerfall’ is Coming to PC

Well, that’s one less reason to buy an OUYA. One really good reason. Continue reading