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Titanfall Video Review


Titanfall Review

What matters is what Titanfall is. And that is an expertly formed shooter. Continue reading


Visceral Working on a New IP

At least according to a couple job postings… Continue reading


DICE Halts Work on Other Projects to Fix Battlefield 4

Meanwhile, PS3 and PS4 versions get patches… Continue reading


EA Working on Open World Star Wars Game?

Yodan’t say… Continue reading


Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter Preview

I don’t care what universe you’re from, that’s got to hurt… Continue reading


NCAA Files Suit Against EA

Seeking compensation for legal fees from that other lawsuit… Continue reading


Titanfall Sequels Could be Multiplatform, EA Says

I never mech a sequel I didn’t like. Continue reading


Electronic Arts May Not Pursue Games Based on New Star Wars Movies

Because they might be a Star Bore? Continue reading


Battlefield 4 Servers Attacked over the Weekend

What DDOS it all mean? Continue reading


EA Points Finger at Sony for Game Launch Issues

Then quickly apologizes for doing so. Hilarious! Continue reading


Need for Speed: Rivals Review

In many respects, Rivals could have been titled Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit II… Continue reading


Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Footage Leaked

Like a half-hour of blurry footage. Hooray! Continue reading


BioWare Offers up Mass Effect 4 Teaser

Yup: they’re definitely making a game. Continue reading


Titanfall Microsoft Exclusive For Product Life, Says EA

Xbox forever, PS4 never. Continue reading


Battlefield 4 Day-One Multiplayer Update on Xbox 360 Available

DICE thinks you should really download it. Continue reading


Battlefield 4 Review

Battlefield 3 was some of the best fun you could have online when it came out, and Battlefield 4 is all of that and more… Continue reading


Titanfall Release Date Set for March 11

And check out this $250 collector’s edition… Continue reading