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Titanfall Review

What matters is what Titanfall is. And that is an expertly formed shooter. Continue reading


Star Wars: The Old Republic Galactic Starfighter Preview

I don’t care what universe you’re from, that’s got to hurt… Continue reading


The Newly Announced Attrition Mode in Titanfall Looks Freaking Ridiculous

Courtesy of Gamescom, ya! Continue reading


EA Shooting for Summer 2015 for Star Wars: Battlefront

Looking to coincide with the first new film, of course… Continue reading


Use Your Tablet or Phone in Battlefield 4 with New Battlelog Features

BATTLAHOOG. Sorry, had to get that out of the way. Continue reading


4 Million of You Subscribe to Battlefield Premium, 50 Million to Origin

I know you stopped playing BF3 just long enough to read this, chug a Mountain Dew, and pat yourself on the back… Continue reading


NCAA Football 14 Review

NCAA Football 14 is in my mind the best version in the history of the series. Continue reading


EA Survey Hints at Offline SimCity

Funny old world when an innovation is taking a game OFF the Internet. Continue reading


Dragon Age: Inquisition No Longer Dragon Age 3, EA Explains

Maybe if you make epic enough decisions, the game’s title will regain its roman numeral. Continue reading


E3 2013: Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Preview

Garden Warfare seems to embody the cheeky humor of the franchise despite its entirely new coat of paint, and that’s definitely a good thing… Continue reading


EA Confirms No Work Being Done on Dead Space 4

But it’s not “canceled,” per seContinue reading


Crysis 3: The Lost Island Announced, Includes New Multiplayer Maps and Modes

More maps, more modes… Continue reading


Fuse Review

Fuse is a good game, but one that feels as though its reach just exceeds its grasp. Continue reading


EA Is Developing Wii U Games, But Has Bigger Plans for PS4 and Xbox One

Or so the CFO of the publisher says… Continue reading


SimCity DLC ‘Amusement Park Pack’ Leaks Early, Available May 28

For those of you too scared to hop on a roller coaster yourself. Continue reading


Leaked Achievement List Hints at New Crysis 3 Multiplayer DLC

…and boat oars might be a new attainable weapon. Continue reading


Battlefield Developer Opens LA Studio To Start Work on Star Wars Games

“There is an extreme talent pool over there that we want a part of.” Continue reading


EA Working on Mobile Version of Frostbite Engine, ‘Frostbite Go’

Let the cynicism begin — this is an article about EA, after all. Continue reading


Disney and EA Sign Star Wars Video Game Agreement

A surprise announcement that it is not actually surprising… Continue reading


Fuse Demo Coming on May 7

Shoot many things with your friends…for free! Continue reading