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Destiny Got WORSE? – Podcast #37

We talk about the Destiny DLC The Dark Below and how it may be locking players out of content they paid for… Continue reading


No Paid DLC for Pokemon…Ever

Because that would “ruin the worldview” of the game. Hear hear! Continue reading


SWTOR Expansion ‘Galactic Starfighter’ Bringing PvP Space Battles to Players in December

It’ll be rolled out for free over time, starting with premium members, and ending two months later with the free-to-play plebeians. Continue reading


New Defiance DLC Trailer Showcases New Major and Minor Regional Events

The DLC is now defiantly playable in-game as part of the Castithan Charge Pack. Continue reading


No AC 4 DLC Coming to Wii U

Nintndon’t. Continue reading


Injustice Ultimate Edition Announced

Coming to PC, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 4…but not Wii U. Continue reading


Arkham Origins’ “I Am the Night” Mode Detailed

Plus information on “Initiation” DLC, and the $50 Wii U version… Continue reading


Sony Outlines Last of Us DLC Plan

“The Abandoned Territories Map Pack” is first… Continue reading


Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass Announced

Which reveals that new story DLC is on the way… Continue reading


First Company of Heroes 2 DLC ‘Case Blue’ Out Now on Steam

Got a case of the blues, war nerds? Try this DLC on for size! Continue reading


Saints Row 4 Dubstep Gun Gets New DLC

Get down with some polka, classic, swing and death metal jams… Continue reading


Brigmore Witches Want to Fight You in this Launch Trailer

And today they’ll get their chance… Continue reading


Cyborg Superman Skin Coming to Injustice

Packed in with tomorrow’s Zatanna DLC… Continue reading


Arma 3 Release Date Set for September

Though the story mode will come a little later as free DLC… Continue reading


Zatanna Officially Announced as Injustice DLC

Hat-throwing, fishnet-wearing, backwards-talking action. Continue reading


The Behemoth Releasing More Free Prisoners for Battleblock Theater

Spoiler: buckle your pants. Continue reading


Deadpool DLC Available Right Now

And it’s called “Merc with a Map Pack,” of course… Continue reading


Pikmin 3 Could Get DLC If Fans Want It, Says Miyamoto

“If we hear players’ desire to play more with add-on content, we would love to consider the possibilities.” Continue reading


Bioshock Infinite DLC Announced and Previewed

Challenge maps, a noir-version of Elizabeth and a two-part visit to Rapture await you… Continue reading


NetherRealm’s Ed Boon Teases More DLC Characters for Injustice

Got my fingers crossed for Ambush Bug… Continue reading