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Skyrim in Game of Thrones! – News Show


Strider Review

This reimagining of Strider is the second best installment in the series…

Continue reading


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Review

Dual Destinies is another great game in the Ace Attorney series and superb welcome back to Phoenix himself. Continue reading


Capcom Hiring Designer for New Fighting Game

I hope Skullomania is in it. Wait…no I don’t. Continue reading


Rumors of Capcom Europe Layoffs Swirl

Ongoing restructuring to blame. Continue reading


Capcom Currently Has “No Plans” To Bring Monster Hunter 4 to PS Vita

Capcom is focused on getting “as many people as possible to play it on the 3DS.” They’re “only thinking about making it succeed.” Continue reading


DuckTales: Remastered Review

If you’re looking for a fun, maddening, and nostalgic romp through your 1980s childhood, DuckTales: Remastered fits that bill. Continue reading


Project X Zone Review

Project X Zone isn’t a game for everyone, but gamers with prior experience with the referenced franchises will appreciate the game all the better. Continue reading


Capcom Shelves Darkstalkers

The poorly selling Darkstalkers Resurrection is to blame… Continue reading


Capcom Hints at Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Fifth Mystery Character

My money’s on Ryu’s son, Ryunior. Continue reading


No Work Currently Being Done on Street Fighter V

Meanwhile, development’s almost done on Mega-Hyper-Ultra Street Fighter IVContinue reading


Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV

I suppose we’ll get Street Fighter V sometime in 2021… Continue reading


Layoffs Confirmed at Capcom, Senior Vice President Already Out

These are always such a darn bummer. Continue reading


DuckTales: Remastered Slated for Release Starting Next Month

Let’s hope we aren’t BILLED too highly for this one, lest they ruffle our FEATHERS too much. Continue reading


Lost Planet 3 Trailer Shows Signs of Life

… and monologues. Continue reading


Here’s Some More ‘Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Duel Destinies’ Screenshots

Are there any OBJEC- okay we’ll just lay off that joke for a while. Continue reading


Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Review

Chronicles of Mystara is well worth the wait… Continue reading


The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages Review

Old and new Zelda fans alike have little reason not to download these two games… Continue reading


DuckTales Remastered Confirmed for PC

I’m so happy, this whole day’s beeen a duck blur. Continue reading


Remember Me Review

The game’s unique take on user-influenced combat and a scary futuristic dystopia managed to make a lasting impression… Continue reading