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Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Footage Leaked

Like a half-hour of blurry footage. Hooray! Continue reading


BioWare Offers up Mass Effect 4 Teaser

Yup: they’re definitely making a game. Continue reading


BioWare Writer Mac Walters Hints at Mass Effect 4’s Story

Want more Shepard? Tough noogies. Continue reading


SWTOR Expansion ‘Galactic Starfighter’ Bringing PvP Space Battles to Players in December

It’ll be rolled out for free over time, starting with premium members, and ending two months later with the free-to-play plebeians. Continue reading


KOTOR and Mass Effect Teams Behind BioWare’s New IP

So it’ll have spaceships, probably. Continue reading


Bioware Adding Ewok Companions to Star Wars: The Old Republic

These adorable rugs of companions can be unlocked for a mere 1 million credits and a whole chunk of your self-respect. Continue reading


Dragon Age: Inquisition No Longer Dragon Age 3, EA Explains

Maybe if you make epic enough decisions, the game’s title will regain its roman numeral. Continue reading


E3 2013: BioWare Teases Dragon Age Announcement

The worst Dragon Age is about 13 or 14. Dragon pubes everywhere. Continue reading


Star Wars KOTOR Coming to iPad

But when’s it coming out? We know not. Continue reading


BioWare Devs Talk Possible Mass Effect Spin-Off

Are the BioWare people serious, or just trolling fans? Continue reading


BioWare Says Next Mass Effect *Isn’t* Number 4

Think of it more like number five minus one. Continue reading


ME3 Patch Data Offers Multiplayer DLC Hints

Called “Reckoning,” though it probably doesn’t take place in AmalurContinue reading


Bioware Developers Tweet ME3 Screenshots, Potentially Teasing New DLC

Report to the ship immediately. Continue reading


Rise of the Hutt Cartel DLC Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

The most fun you can have with a greasy space slug… Continue reading


Star Wars TOR DLC Coming in Spring

Hutt in the butt. Continue reading


Rumor: Dragon Age III Inquisition Coming to Next-Gen Consoles

No one expects the Dragon Age Inquisition. Continue reading


Some PC Copies of Black Ops II May Contain Mass Effect 2 Instead

Yeah, you read that right. Continue reading


BioWare Making a Brand New Mass Effect

This time Commander Shepard will ACTUALLY herd sheep…IN SPACE. Continue reading


Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Preview

We give you the lowdown on the latest story-driven Mass Effect 3 DLC. It may or may not take place in space. Spoiler. Continue reading


Star Wars: The Old Republic Going Free-To-Play November 15

That’s next week, you guys. Continue reading