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Activision Claims Destiny Will Be “Best-Selling New IP”

Well someone thinks they’re the prettiest belle at the ball… Continue reading


Titanfall Beta Won’t Require Pre-Order for Access

Buying games is so 2005… Continue reading

Titanfall Beta for Free? – Inside Gaming Daily


SteamOS Launches Tomorrow

And Steam Machine beta kits go out, too… Continue reading


Destiny Beta Coming PlayStation 3 and 4 First

Sony masters beta. Also: that “masters beta” joke never gets old. Continue reading


Valve Announces Family Sharing Feature for Steam

Taking swings at the Xbox One, I see… Continue reading


Beta Registration for Xbox 360 Update Now Open

See what Microsoft’s got up its sleeves… Continue reading


FYI: Crysis 3 Multiplayer Open Beta Live and Ready to Melt Your Game System

And gee willickers does it look b-e-a-utiful. Continue reading


SimCity Beta Kicks Off January 25, Natural Disasters Incoming

We’ll be waiting to curse your cities with the blazing fires of 100 smoldering suns… or a tornado or something. Continue reading


God of War Ascension Multiplayer Beta is Alive

PS Plus users get free access… Continue reading


War Z’s Steam Launch Angers Customers

You might even say that they’re…steamed. Sorry. Continue reading


PS Plus Subscribers to Get Access to God of War Ascension Beta

An opportunity of MYTHIC PROPORTIONS. Continue reading


PS Plus Gamers Get Battle Royale Beta Access

Get ready to smash, brothers. Continue reading


Valve Looking for Washington-Area Playtesters

Certainly has something to do with Half-Life 3. Haha! No it doesn’t. Continue reading


Valve Inviting 1,000 Users to Test Out Steam Linux Beta

Only for the most experienced of Linux users. Continue reading


Steam ‘Big Picture Mode’ Launches Today, Check Out This Video Walkthrough

“And all you have to do is press a button.” Continue reading


New York Times: Steam ‘Big Picture Mode’ Beta Kicks Off Tomorrow

This new mode has been designed with the controller and living room in mind… Continue reading


‘Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm’ Beta Has Begun, Invites Going Out

…pro gamers, shoutcasters, press, and Arcade contest winners are currently putting the game through its paces. That’s right, before YOU. Continue reading


Planetside Beta 2 Scheduled for Monday

Man-shooty game with space also. Continue reading


Planetside 2 Beta Delayed a Few Days

Silent but Smedley. Continue reading