Goodnight Sweet Shu: Sony President Dozes Off During Gamescom Panel

PlayStation, it only does jetlag. Continue reading


Conan O’Brien Tours E3, Talks to Miyamoto about Mustaches

Kick your legs up on the desk, table, family dog, or younger sibling in front of you, and bask in the whimsical make-fun-of-nerds humor of a script-less Conan O’Brien. Continue reading


What if Superman 64 Took Place Under Water?

What if I told you such a game existed… Continue reading


What You Don’t See in Bioshock Infinite…

First person mode can hide some very dark things… Continue reading



As a precautionary measure I have taken it upon myself to preserve the digital fact that, Dave Oshry TALKED to the (pronounced thee) Total FREAKIN Biscuit. Continue reading


THQ Puns, Because Sometimes You Need to Laugh

Something something Quest 64… Continue reading


The Dark Knight Rises Trailer Remade in Source Filmmaker

“This isn’t a car…it’s a ballonicorn.” Continue reading


The Best Nintendo Puns of All Time

No pun intended. Continue reading


For The Lulz: Call of Duty: Modern Bro-Fare

Everyone needs a good laugh, and this comic had me in a barrel of them today. Continue reading


Laugh At These Terrible 80s Boxarts

NeoGAF is good for a few things — realizing that some people still like Japanese games, and collecting horrendous (or horrendously awesome) 80s box art scans. Continue reading


Here Are Some Old NES Commercials

Oh, this old thing? Continue reading


Portal Meets Nightmare Before Christmas

Amazing work Harry101UK, may this outperform your  How to Draw a Lamborghini – you deserve it. via Harry101UK


Play Video Games and Eat Hot Pockets Simultaneously, Thanks Ben Heck!

You need a cheesy, carbohydrate-filled meat pouch to refill your energy while you game, but you don’t have time for lunch. What’s a gamer to do? Continue reading


Battlefield Trolls Get the Grade

As you may or may not know by now, in a former life I was an English teacher. Behold the fruits of my efforts to educate the masses. Alternate title: “The Dangers of Facebook Friendship with your Former Freshman Composition … Continue reading


Best Video Ever – Battlefield 3 Beta IRL

I’m sorry Freddy Wong, you’ve been replaced. side note: Digitom, seriously. I love you. Please make more stuff so I can put it on my sad little show, we need you. You’re our only hope. via DigitomProductions


Exclusive Battlefield 3 Fighter Jet Footage

I’m sorry, I had to. via Matt D’s AIM


Best Video Ever – Gmod Idiot Box Episode 10

Nearly three decades DasBoSchitt  has finally released their last Gmod Idiot Box. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Heavy doing something very wrong in front of a crass rabbit. via DasBoSchitt


Wash Your Hands with E.V.O.

People have made soaps out of game controllers for a long time now. That shit’s old hat. Etsy retailer DigitalSoaps is taking the soap cold war one step further with soap game cartridges, and goddamn are they doing it with … Continue reading


Special Report: I Bought a Nintendo 3DS

Breaking news: I totally bought one of those things. Continue reading


Nintendo Bootlegs: Uncle Fester Doesn’t Give a Shit

embedded by Embedded Video So disclaimer, these videos are a little old, but they’re awesome enough to be timeless, so deal. YouTube user Everdraed posted some awesome bootlegs for classic NES games, all of which somehow seem more manageable than … Continue reading