Inside Gaming Trailers – December 17,2013

  1. I’m waiting for the modder support Creative Assembly promised for Rome 2. I’m still rocking it out with Shogun 2. Seriously, that stuff never gets old.
    Lightning 13 is just effing retarded. Watched the Japanese gameplay and felt like vomiting. Don’t know why they bother…

    • I am one of the few that actually enjoyed the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe so far, and eagerly expecting Lightning Returns, but I am curious, what did you found so nauseating? I mean, so far I haven’t saw anything that strayed that far from what you expect from the contemporary Final Fantasy style.

      • In my own opinion, of course… Final Fantasy 13-1 was trash. The plot felt like it was so convoluted that it was full to burst. Emotional scenes felt incredibly forced — almost laughable. The characters were atrocious, in terms of depth and plot involvement — Hope/annoying pink haired chick to mention the worst of the bunch. The gameplay was repetitive and slow up until you got towards the end of the game, at which point it got a little more fun. I thankfully only rented 13-1, but I bought 13-2 since Square claimed they improved it in every way. No. 13-2’s plot, gameplay, and cast were just horrible. Noel was a good edition, and the plot wasn’t as bad as the first game, but it was still a poor sequel. Now they’re telling me there’s another game? Sorry. Just from the Japanese gameplay footage alone, I can tell it’s pretty much more of the same thing with some new mechanics. I’m passing on Final Fantasy until 15 (Versus) comes out.

      • I imagined so, like I said, I’m one of the few that enjoys the universe despite it being bad, the nova crystallis universe is an interesting spin on the conventional doom driven plots every FF seems to have, it is extremely convoluted, but I think it’s on purpose, they tried to make something on an even grand’er scale than FF X, and tried the same style of “surprise” ending, the reason I asked what I did was because the game is very on par with what FF became since, well that’s debatable, but like I said, contemporary Final Fantasy,

        Lightning Returns looks a mash-up of key elements from previous FF games, including the MMO’s, IMO it’s an experiment before XV to see what works and what doesn’t, sorta like they did with XII, which became a lot of the substance for XIV before the Realm Reborn remake.

      • I hear ya. I mean, I played FF 1-6, and then resumed from 13-1 forward. So I may not be the best judge for a FF game. But from just a gamer’s perspective, it felt like they were kind of stuck in the past. 13-2 was a bit of a step forward, hence why I actually bought it. And now we have Lightning Returns… I dunno. I’m not buying it, but I’ll certainly rent it to see if it’s any good. I’m just not holding my breath for it. :/

      • You should try FF IX, the vast majority of people that disliked the VII and VIII seem to love IX, but if you didn’t tried 7 and 8 for other reasons, they are on steam, and the winter sale is going on so they are bound to be dirt cheap at some point.

  2. So is this website going to be shut down or something? I know it’s not a serious news website but there’s been loads of gaming related news recently, not a hint on here.

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