SteamOS Launches Tomorrow


Hey, did you know that Valve is launching its Linux-based operating system, SteamOS, tomorrow? Well, a post on the SteamCommunity page yesterday says that it is, indeed, the case. And not only that, but the 300 lucky gamers who got selected as participants in the Steam Machine beta program will see their units shipped from the factory tomorrow, too.

How will you know if you’re one of the fortunate 300? Well, Valve will have already reached out to you, so if you haven’t heard by now, you’re shit outta luck, buddy. But the post also mentions that the SteamOS will be up and ready for you to play around with—if you’ve got the Linux-goods, that is:

“SteamOS will be made available when the prototype hardware ships. It will be downloadable by individual users and commercial OEMs. (But unless you’re an intrepid Linux hacker already, we’re going to recommend that you wait until later in 2014 to try it out.) We’ll post info soon about that. Oh, and stay tuned for the in-home streaming beta to begin soon, too!”

So that’s your SteamOS and Steam Machines update for the day. I’d be interested to hear from one of the beta participants to see what their experiences are like. Hopefully we’ll get something from someone before the year is through…

[Via SteamCommunity]

  1. According to the forums, the initial reaction to the OS was somewhat negative, I’m tempted to try, but right now it seems too much of a hassle.

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