Visceral Working on a New IP


A post on IGN from yesterday point the way back to a couple of job postings for EA-owned studio Visceral, the developer that brought us the Dead Space series of games. And what do those listings—for Environment Artist and Technical Art Director—say? Well, that Visceral is working on “an exciting new IP.”

There aren’t too many hints within the job descriptions themselves to give any clue as to what game—or even what kind of game—this new IP might be. There’ve been some reports lately that Visceral is working on a Star Wars title under EA’s agreement with Disney to make games based on that IP. And then there was the rumor from the other day about how industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks that Visceral might actually be working on a Battlefield spin-off.

Would either of those fall under the category of “new IP”? I’m not even sure. I mean, they’re not new per se, but they could be new in the sense that this is Visceral’s first attempt to work on them. But chances are, no, this is something different.

So with all that said, what could it be? What might Visceral have up its sleeve? And more importantly, what do you want it to be? After all, they should make sure they give fans what they want. One thing seems clear: this ain’t Dead Space 4.

[Via IGN]

  1. Alright, bets are on… A Sci-Fi shooter… *Mind blown*


  3. Considering that, Battlefront was nothing more than Battlefield 1942 with lasers, both rumors might be true.

  4. battlefront is actually fairly differeng from battlefield both stylistically and mechanically

    • The game might have it’s original things here and there, but it’s essentially the same type of timed based capture objectives with a limited number of re-spawns.

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