Winners of the 5th Annual Inside Gaming Awards Announced

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We at Machinima and everyone at Inside Gaming have the immense pleasure of announcing the games that have won awards at the 2013 Inside Gaming Awards. Our joy and gratitude for the these games is mixed with sadness that we couldn’t celebrate every game worthy of acknowledgement.

Here are the winners, by category:

Game of the Year

IGA Template GTAV

Best Cooperative Multiplayer

IGA Template Battleblock Theater

Best Competitive Multiplayer

IGA Template Battlefield 4

Best Sound

IGA Template The Last of Us

Best Art

IGA Template Bioshock Infinite

Most Immersive

IGA Template GTAV

Best Story

IGA Template Bioshock Infinite

Best Voice Acting

IGA Template The Last of Us

Best Additional Content

IGA Template Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm

Best Indie Game

IGA Template Runner 2

Best Trailer

IGA Template Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer

Gamers’ Choice

IGA Template Battlefield 4

  1. While I disagree with Best Competitive and the Best Indie, overall it was sorta of what everyone expected, the only surprise to me was Battleblock Theater in there, which was a nice surprise, I was betting on Payday.

  2. Though I’m upset that GTAV won game of the year, I understand why. It was a really fun game. However, the Best Story should have gone to The Last of Us… Hands down. Bioshock wasnt even really bioshock… so how was the story even that good? I can guess it only won because it was on both xbox and ps3 consoles and The Last of Us was exclusive for PS3. I think that if both consoles got to play it, it would have won.

    • I don't have a name

      I totally agree

    • In one corner there’s a game that deals with metaphysics, religious extremism, nationalism, racism,class warfare while providing an intelligent commentary on game design, a complex plot coupled with a shocking twist all taking place in a fucking city in the sky built on american exceptionalism. In the other corner there’s a melodramatic zombie game that was seen over and over again in other media, the most recent entry being The Walking Dead which was actually great. There’s no room for comparison. BioShock Infinite wins hands down.

    • Shut the fuck up, Bioshock Infinite was way better than TLOU. Same boring game out shooting zombies, Bioshock Infinite was very original unlike TLOU.

      • You guys play The Last of Us? It isn’t even zombies. It’s a bacteria and mostly has to do with drama and it’s amazing story.

    • GTA must won as the best overrated game

  3. Just finished watching the awards show. That was really fun, everyone at IGD and Machinima are just plain cool. Good job guys! :D Loving that song – it pretty much sums up the entire event! You guys are awesome.

  4. Still can’t believe Knack didn’t win. I thought it was everybody’s GOTY.

  5. Dota 2.


  6. eat that LoL
    >: DotA2 FTW

  7. Betafield4 won something? You can’t be serious.

  8. Not agreeing with Competitive multiplayer, obvious reasons.

    DOTA 2

    Why did machinima publish on twitter gamer’s choice was BF4?

  10. Best COMPETETIVE multiplayer: BF4.

    Sorry, but I can’t take this site seriously anymore.

    • Ha–what ever made you take us seriously to start with?

    • To all those who don’t agree with BF4 been the best multiplayer game, WTF did you nerds expect?..COD. BF4 is the best multiplayer game and it is going to be for years because I don’t think any COD game will beat it. COD ghost is a joke nothing new, not even more players or graphics update. COD ghost improvements are a dog and a woman character, bullsh1t. BF is suffering from crashes and that sucks for some players, but that makes me know that DICE make BF4 from ground up. New shit is always going to have problems, great examples are consoles, tv, games, new shit always comes with problems. I am still facing problems with a game that took 4 years to developed GTA5, but that doesn’t mean that sucks, because for me is the game of the year.

  11. I honestly feel like payday 2 should have won best cooperative and that battlefield 4 shouldn’t have won best competetive, however I feel like the other winners are justified.

  12. The Last of Us was simply robbed of both best story (which is the biggest upset considering most of us thought it was a lock) and GOTY. I can’t believe it lost to a came that brings nothing new to the table besides having 3 characters and a bigger overworld.

    • I’m sure the VGX will choose the right winner.

      • Grand Theft Auto 5 had a fantastic written story behind it with very well written characters, you could be done with the main story and still have enough content to plow through. The game takes time to complete and it has a very big (now functioning) multiplayer world for you to go nuts in; whereas most games nowadays have a cheap 3 to 5 hour story with only multiplayer to back it up. I won’t compare to The Last of Us because I haven’t played it and I know the jist of it but not the whole story inside and out. I don’t mean to argue with Chase but I don’t know about innovation. I think that would be another topic for another time.
        GTA 5’s experience for you would be awesome if you gave it a chance.

    • Oh for God’s sake, The Last of Us is just another melodramatic zombie game that we’ve seen countless times in other media. He had The Walking Dead last year which was actually amazingly written. BioShock Infinite has more sophisticated and imaginative story by far. It could have won only by it’s sheer scope and creativity.

  13. All I want to know is why SiN Episodes: Emergence wasn’t up for Gamer’s Choice. A freaking travesty.

  14. To everyone saying TLOU was “robbed” of best story. First off, it is a HIGH ranking game of mine on this years list of top ranking arts….

    But learn the difference between story/plot, and characters/writing. TLOU had some phenomenal writing, and a lot of the characters you meet on the journey are fully fleshed and have stories that you want to learn more about. However, the story of this game was extremely bland and replaceable. If you’ve NEVER seen a piece of art where there is a disease/epidemic/world problem, ONE person has the cure/answer, and instead, someone saves their life or choose the individual over humanity….

    Seriously, immerse yourself in more art, and think more. It raises some good themes on love and connection, and obviously, just like Infinite, is ultimately a daddy/daughter piece about how far one goes for what they are connected to (which, IMO, is why Infinite is also miles better in story because of HOW that connection actually plays out and what it REALLY is)…but TLOU core story of this zombie epidemic (already overplayed) and how it’s just get from point A to B to “save’ the world yet you really save who you love….I mean, I’m not even vying for GTA 5 as overall GOTY and even that had an overall STORY/PLOT that was much more exciting. (And remember, characters/writing is DIFFERENT because TLOU probably DID have the best CHARACTERS this year, although if any of these games came out last year they’d all lose to Virtue’s Last Reward in Story AND character)

  15. Huh…? Hey! Why didn’t I win “Gamer of the Year?!” IGD just snuffed me!!


  16. @Pyro Haha are you fucking kidding me? GTA V is amazing, and brought a lot of new stuff to the table. It was a very innovative game and deserved GOTY. As for the Last of Us, it had a great story, but there just wasn’t any replay value.

    • I like how you didn’t explain how it was innovative. Because you can’t and it didn’t.

      Also The Last of Us had multiplayer but even so replay value doesn’t matter. It’s about the experience you had and what it does for you.

      • GTA V Innovations: triple-POV protagonists you can jump to at any time, the largest open world game arguably ever conceived (in scale and depth,) numerous methods of exploration via land, sea & air, random encounter events that keep the world lively, incomprehensible number of mini-events ranging from golf to skydiving challenges, a system of economics based on either the entire player base or events you influence in game, improved AI for NPC’s roaming the world…

      • GTA V Innovations: triple-POV protagonists you can jump to at any time, the largest open world game arguably ever conceived (in scale and depth,) numerous methods of exploration via land, sea & air, random encounter events that keep the world lively, incomprehensible number of mini-events ranging from golf to skydiving challenges, a system of economics based on either the entire player base or events you influence in game, improved AI for NPC’s roaming the world…

        I mentioned the 3 characters in my original comment as well as the huge world.

        The heist things been done in other games though I don’t think it was as effective or big.

        The sport things are neat but I’d just play a sports game if I had a craving.

        Almost everything else you did was in Red Dead Redemption. That game deserved GOTY when it came out.

      • Dear God, man! Is there no pleasing you? GTAV’s genius lies in cultivating a plethora of ideas into a single, ambitious package. It simply did what the GTA series does best, and beyond that. I’m not saying to accept GTAV as more innovative than these other games. Personally, I thought Infinite was worthy of that right. But don’t say GTAV didn’t innovate period. It most certainly did.

  17. Really? Best story goes to… Bioshock Infinite… Wow. Really though? The Last of Us made me cry. For days. I can see why some people saying it got “robbed” of best story.

    • I think it was because of the plot twist at the end. My reaction is the same as yours but this is Machinima’s award show. They can give the award to whom they thought was best suited for the category.

    • Why does an “emotional” story automatically be considered the best? There are dozens if not hundreds of movies that play on emotion and in fact do it much better than TLOU because it IS real people portraying the roles instead of CGI graphics that just look uber real. I mean, again, I loved TLOU but seriously, if you’re going off an emotional connection, not only is that connected to the actual CHARACTERS, but dude, Pokemon the Movie 2000 made me cry more than TLOU.

      • “Pokemon the Movie 2000 made me cry more than TLOU.”

        You sir win the Internet. :D

      • you just can’t compare a movie’s standards to a game… and youre wrong in a few things… the last of us WAS portrayed and acted by real people… it has cgi, but so do movies, my friend. tlou was robbed, because bioshock was nothing people could really relate to like tlou. tlof made you feel and cry – not many games can do that- and it was an extremely immersive game. Are you sure you played tlof? cause youre the only on here who seems to think it wasnt robbed.

      • But did bioschock made you cry than pokemon the movie? It doesn’t make sense right?

    • Even though I haven’t played The Last of Us, for everyone who is arguing over Bioshock Infinite’s story, let’s illuminate something right here and now – Infinite is written with a lot more depth than anyone (here, at least) is giving credit to. It plays with a host of literary devices, symbolism, and themes, such as:

      Redemption – Comstock’s origins are about washing away past sins, Booker’s character arc ends up with trying to make amends for his own. And let’s not forget the reason we meet Grandma in Comstock House is built around this entire point as well. It’s one of the major themes of the story.

      Prejudice – Obviously the racial setting of Columbia puts that one neatly into the bag. It questions why do we treat others differently, how we view others as superior or inferior, and so on. It also shows that prejudice goes both ways – the Founders label the Vox as anarchists, but the Vox have just as much venom to their pitiless, greedy oppressors.

      Ideological Extremism – This is what makes a Bioshock game a BIOSHOCK game. In the first game we are dealing with Andrew Ryan’s overly capitalistic, industrial, self-made man mantra. Of course, that ends up with a huge division of class and social structure that is one of the reasons of Rapture’s downfall. In Bioshock 2 Sophia Lamb represents the OPPOSITE spectrum – she says to “kill the self” and to work as a collective “family.” In her eyes, your needs mean nothing if they don’t help society as a whole, and is pretty much why she’s trying to murder you (Subject Delta) from the get-go. In Infinite, the ideals of the Founders and the Vox clash right before you, between traditional elitists who were corrupt from the start, and a hopeful rebellion that ends up corrupting itself in its own vengeance-thirsted fervor.

      The Illusion of Freedom and Choice – Elizabeth is symbolized early on in the game with a pin, either a cage or a bird. It’s a fairly common motif, and it seems obvious – Elizabeth is obviously a caged bird, and a bird means flying, which means freedom. Case closed, right? Not so fast. One of Booker’s most memorable lines goes, “Now that you’re out of yours, you might realize cages have their advantages.” What could this mean? Well, freedom isn’t necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be – he follows it up with “What if you wake up one day, and realize you didn’t like what you chose?” This could literally stir up its own debate.

      Constants and Variables – This one should be self explanatory, right? Just in case it’s not, it touches on the illusion of choice as well, but as a theme it suggests that every event in life can be calculated as a constant, and the only variable in life that we are given is our own choice of what to do with said constant. This is its own philosophical discussion.

      Allegory – Because of the zealout Christian themes of the extremist Founders, we have wonderful allegories comparing Columbia to Noah’s Ark. The voxophones scattered across Columbia have a ton of biblical passages retooled to fit Comstock’s agenda.

      And so on and so forth.

      I’m not trying to bash on The Last of Us – I’m sure it’ll touch me to the core, make me sob appropriately, etc. But seriously, everyone who keeps saying Bioshock Infinite has no story, or it has bad writing? If sci-fi steampunk had hit classical authors like Dickens, you’d bet they’d make a story crafted like this. Bioshock games have always had literary sources as point of reference and inspiration (Ayn Rand’s influence cannot be overstated in Rapture). They’re not throwing together a willy-nilly story so that they have a reason to make shooting people look cool. There is substance here.

      There’s going to be a bunch of people who claim that Infinite is derivative, or “predictable,” or “we’ve seen this before” because DUH! There’s hundreds of years worth of creative material in history, of COURSE something like this has been done before! You could say it’s a constant – but Infinite throws enough variables in to make it their own.

      I hate it when ignorance forces me to speak up.

  18. “reply value doesn’t matter”

    and explain how the last of us was innovative? Or gets past the lack of story that I explained?

    Yes TLOU had multiplayer and it WAS good (although nowhere near the best), but seriously, you want to say last of us was innovative? How? No weapons that you can’t find in 90 other games, no monsters/enemies that were really scary or interesting, and again, pretty normal plot.

    He may not have explained how GTA breaks the mold, but you haven’t done anything either Pyro…

  19. Battlefield 4 won gamers choice? Uhhhhhhhhh sure, why not.

  20. At my opinion, Grand Theft Auto V could won all of that…
    I feel tired of the same old recipe of cake, that the industry feed us… taste always the same, may look bit something else but you take a bit and voilà!

  21. These awards are a fucking joke, you should be fucking ashamed.

    • I disagree completely,
      I actually agree with 90% of the choices, tho I’m not a big fan of Bioshock / Battlefield 4, been there done those their just getting repetitive nowadays,

  22. To everyone complaining: this is just one of the dozens of end-of-the-year game awards that are going to be distributed this month. Calm the hell down if they didn’t pick your favorites.

    Another award show will cater to your petty needs.

  23. Wow I can’t believe all of the people saying that Bioshock Infinite only won because of its twist, did you guys scratch past the surface of the game at all? The Last of Us is amazing and is one of my favorite games of all time but it was pretty straightforward when it came to storytelling

  24. At the end of the day, I don’t think we should argue why didn’t a title win or why GTA 5 won GOTY. I believe that Machinima/the Inside Gaming crew knows that they’re doing. Wanna know what I’m happy about? That despite these choices, we as a Machinima community, came together to watch this two hour livestream (or video if you were unable to see it live). It’s fun to see and read people’s different perspective and feelings on certain games (Bioshock Infinite and GTA 5 seem to be hot topics) but I’m happy that we all saw it. I’m happy and grateful that Machinima was able to put this together and I enjoyed every second of those two hours. Wanna call me a kiss ass or I’m brown nosing? Go for it. Am I a fanboy? Oh, you bet I am. This just shows that I support these guys 100%. Sure, some titles I would have picked didn’t get voted but at least they were nominated and recognized and I hope some of you feel the same.

    • Glad someone remembers what these annual awards are for: remembering the good times in gaming. The other reason is to help fan the ever delightful console wars. But mostly the first reason. I hope. :]

  25. Hey, I know this isnt the place to ask, but screw it. Just wondering, what is up with your website? Your videos aren’t coming up on your “Watch Latest Inside Gaming” section. I mean I can still find them on your Youtube page, but its not as convenient as just coming here. :)

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