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Hey, the new Kinect is coming this Friday! I know you’re all super-excited about it. From what I’ve heard and read, it’s going to be much, much better than the old version, which was mostly good at not listening to you, and then randomly rewinding whatever you were watching on Netflix whenever someone on the show said something about the “Red Sox.”

But how will you be able to use the new Kinect? There’s a whole verbal and kinetic vocabulary you’ll have to learn in order to successfully interact with the device. But don’t worry: a post on GameInformer has you covered, as they’ve offered up these handy-dandy duplications of the Xbox One’s Kinect command lists.

Take a look at the voice commands (click to embiggen):

kinect voice controls

My favorite one? “Xbox: Stop Listening.” That “Stops Kinect from listening or cancels voice commands if Kinect is triggered during casual conversation.”

I’m glad that’s there, but it’s telling that there are probably going to be more instances of the Kinect overhearing you and deciding to help you by launching an application or turning off your console while you’re doing something else.

If talking to your machine isn’t your thing, here’s the motion-control command list, which will let you change the size of various apps you’re running or choosing different apps to run:

kinect motion controls

All in all, seems cool. The new Kinect might be just what we’ve been waiting for. Or, maybe, it’ll be a disaster. I can’t wait to find out when people open up their Xbox Ones this weekend.

[Via GameInformer]

  1. I get mine tonight. Gotta love world release dates & being in a country that is in front of everyone else time wise. Go New Zealand go.

    • You win! I hope the launch goes well for you, friend from the other side of the world!

      • Thanks If all goes well Ill win a free console on top of my pre order. Just another 14hour’s to go.

        Also while Ive got your attention Id like to thank you and all those who work for and with machinima. you’ve all helped me skive off work for many hour’s. Keep up the good work.

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