PlayStation 4 Launch Strains Sony’s PSN Networks

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In a turn of events that surprised literally no one, Sony is reporting a lot of strain hitting its PlayStation Network today. Maybe it’s got something to do with that gigantic PlayStation 4 launch that happened at midnight last night.

Here’s the scoop from the PlayStation Twitter account:

The PlayStation support page gives us this insight into the issue:

“The PlayStation Network is currently experiencing extrememely [sic] high volume. As a result, some gamers may experience some difficulty connecting to the network or downloading content. We are actively working to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.”

This is an “extrememely” big problem. Also, so is spell-check, I guess.

It kind of puts Shuhei Yoshida’s assurances that you can simply download the PlayStation 4 update via the PSN into perspective. As such, if you’re trying to install the firmware update, check Sony’s instructions for installing it via USB, since connecting to the PSN may be about as fun as trying to capture a dog fart in a bottle.

I just came up with that. I’m inspired today, y’all.

[Via PlayStation Support]

  1. Haha… EPIC ps4 fail… :)

  2. No one expects the spanish inquisition, or launch day chaos apparently.

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