New Uncharted Game Coming to PlayStation 4

One of the best franchises in video games is Naughty Dog’s adventurey third-person platformer, Uncharted. And while there are lots of Uncharted games out there for the PlayStation 3 and even one for the PlayStation Vita, there haven’t yet been any announced for the PlayStation 4—until yesterday, that is.

The teaser trailer above doesn’t say much, but it’s got mysterious and ominous narration from someone who’s pretty pissed off—and is probably pissed off at series protagonist Nathan Drake.

And just in case you wanted definitive proof that this is a promo for a PlayStation 4 game, the description on the video reads as follows:

“The UNCHARTED franchise is coming to the PS4. Developed by Naughty Dog, UNCHARTED will be made exclusively for the PS4 system.”

It sounds like the new game will straight up be called Uncharted, sort of like how the Tomb Raider reboot from this year was called, well, Tomb Raider. And doing some HARD RESEARCH, I’ve discovered that the first Uncharted title for the PlayStation 3 was actually called Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. So…is this one simply going to be called Uncharted? Or is there a yet-to-be-announced subtitle?

And do you think that whoever is mad at Drake will just be like a Bizarro clone? Like he’ll have bleach blonde hair, a scar, and a goatee, like Evil Spock from “Mirror Mirror”? I hope so.

  1. Mirror universe Mr. Spock was actually a nice guy, gotta be like mirror universe Mr. Sulu, now that was a grade A asshole.

    Well, anyway, not really sure what to expect from a new uncharted, 2 was a very good well balanced action/puzzle game, the first was ultra boring and the third had way too much action, at times it felt like gears of war, so really not sure what angle they’ll go now.

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