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nintendo direct

This Friday, the PlayStation 4 will launch. A week later, the Xbox One will launch. But hey! Remember the Wii U? And also the 3DS? Those are things, and they’re much less expensive than all that other riff-raff. Nintendo wants you to remember your inexpensive gaming options as the holiday season gears up, and to do so, they’re broadcasting a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow at 11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. Pacific.

What’s it about? “Previously announced Nintendo 3DS software launching through early 2014.”

Wow! Way to hype up your holiday lineup in the face of overwhelming competition.

Look, Nintendo. I’ve been playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii. That is a great game—no question. But can’t you do something to get us excited about this holiday season? Having the cheapest system and a new Mario game won’t be enough…not really.

I think it’s also kind of a sad bit of synergy this week. As you may remember, wayyyy back in the late-1980s, Nintendo was working with Sony to create a CD attachment for its systems. That deal fell through because Nintendo didn’t want to share profits, and Sony went ahead and made the first PlayStation. And here we are today, with PlayStation 4 coming out on Friday to pretty high anticipation, and Nintendo about to tell us about some 3DS games.

[Nintendo Direct]

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