Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay Footage Leaked

Been curious about BioWare’s forthcoming Dragon Age Inquisition? Well, good news: above, you can watch 30 minutes of blurry footage of the title’s gameplay, recorded off a television at Finland’s Digiexpo. Catch it before EA demands it gets taken down!

This isn’t the first time gameplay footage of the game to hit the web through unofficial channels. A post on CVG points out that two minutes of gameplay was put online after PAX this past summer. If that got you going, then the footage above should do even more. Watch out.

Is BioWare back in people’s good graces? I know the Mass Effect 3 ending debacle got a lot of people mad, but surely we’ve all recovered from that, haven’t we? Remember when everyone used to love BioWare? Those were the days.

So now that you’ve caught some more footage of the newest Dragon Age game, what do you think? Anything in there revving your motor? Or is it just “same dragon, different age”?

[Via CVG]

  1. Glad to see the gameplay is an improvement over DA2. And the scale is finally greater than DA1. Here’s to hoping we get a meaningful cast of teammates. Varric is a nice return, but I’m hoping NO more of the DA2 cast makes a return.

    PS – Did they make the Inquisitor a silent protagonist?

  2. He speaks not even 4 minutes in.

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