Humble Bundle Launches Store

humble store

The Humble Bundle is routinely amazing. It offers up solid games for pennies, while donating a whole bunch of the money to various worthy charities. Today, the folks behind the Bundles launched the Humble Store, which is exactly what it sounds like it would be.

Basically, it’ll offer up new games at a discount each and every day, again with the option to donate a portion of the money you pay to charities and to developers. New games will be swapped in every 24 hours, though it remains to be seen how deep the discounts will be, and whether the games on offer will be as desirable as the ones usually popping up in bundles.

The press release sent out to make the initial Humble Store announcement also points out that there’ll still be Humble Bundles coming out routinely, so that’s good. I’m looking forward to the next batch.

Currently on sale in the Humble Store is Don’t Starve, Prison Architect, Rogue Legacy, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Natural Selection II, The Swapper, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Orcs Must Die! 2 and Gunpoint. I’ve had my eye on Rogue Legacy for quite some time…but my backlog of games is ridiculously huge, and the PlayStation 4 is going to show up at my house on Friday. So, you know, I guess I’ll hold off a little longer. But man…if ever there were a good time to get into PC gaming, now is it, you guys.

[Humble Store]

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