FTL: Advanced Edition Coming

One of the most exciting games I’ve played this year was FTL: Faster than Light, from indie studio Subset Games. It’s a roguelike RPG set in the depths of space, combining elements of Star Trek, Firefly, and probably a whole bunch of other games and properties I haven’t experienced. Altogether, it’s an inexpensive and unflashy game that puts all the emphasis on delivering an incredible experience—and I’ve never even beaten it. Even on easy. It’s brutal.

That’s why I was so stoked when I heard earlier today when Subset announced a forthcoming expansion—a free expansion, coming sometime in early 2014. According to the developer, the “Advanced Edition,” as it’s called, will offer up “new weapons, drones, augments, systems, enemies, and more.”

Additionally, the Advanced Edition will let you save crew positions, save and quit during combat (in case you’re in the midst of a big firefight, but have to go to the store), and have more items available in-store. For those without PCs but with iPads, you’re in luck: the game will be headed to that tablet as well, so you really won’t have any excuse once it’s out.

Pretty amazing. Take a look at the video above. I would watch a weekly television series based on any one game of FTL. The encounters are random, even if all the outcomes are the same (you die). What a game. I can’t wait.

[FTL: Advanced Edition]

  1. I love ftl, it reminds me of the old super NES games that were difficult but rewarding. FTL is beatable just need to plan a route and how your going to play and then hope and pray for a decent outcome.

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