BioWare Offers up Mass Effect 4 Teaser

mass effect 4

I’m sure you’re hoping to get some big huge revelations about the next Mass Effect title from BioWare. But you’re not going to get them. What you will get, however, are some images of the folks at the developer working on the new game. If you squint, you might even be able to see a spaceship or something!

Over on Storify, a bunch of Tweets from BioWare employees are strung together in something resembling a narrative, with the final five tweets featuring images of the game in progress. Behold:

So there you go: new Mass Effect, yo. See anything in there that gets your engines revving? Or is this merely a shadow of the kind of stuff you’d like to get? What are you hoping BioWare will put into the new game?

[Storify via Joystiq]

  1. We get to play as an asari, and then romance another asari. Otherwise, ME4 GTFO. Nuf said.

    • On a more serious note, yes I do believe they should give a complete character creator with racial backgrounds, Mass Effect meets Dragon Age Origins (both BW games too). Would love to play as a Quarian, perhaps even a Geth if they add that… My God that would be amazing, it would definitely put Bioware back in my good-books as it were.

      • Dude, just bring back the Protheans! There were countless cycles before Shep ended them. We could see the buggers brought back as playable (or just living) characters.

      • it would be an amazing place to start the story if we were put back 50.000 years, so we could play as other kinds of extra-terrestrial beings that had gone extinct due to the reapers. could be a whole other experience. maybe make it so the reaper won’t show up for at least some 1000 years, so there is enough time to develop a story that isn’t wrapped around the arrival of the reapers.

      • … what did Bioware ever do to deserve you putting them in your bad books…

      • Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 mostly.

      • I’ll be honest, I never played Dragon Age, but Mass Effect 3 was fantastic, while I only played through the story once, I have over 250 hours into the multiplayer which was easily the best part of the game. The ending was meh.

      • @that guy – ditto. ME was a good trilogy, even before they added the DLC ending crap. Meanwhile, I played Dragon Age 1 and felt like it was KOTOR 1 and 2 all over again, which is high praise. DA2 meanwhile was an utter train wreck i wish never happened. Bioware knows their stuff by now (how to make branching stories across a trilogy) so I’m eagerly waiting for DA3 and ME4. :)

  2. Me3 was alright, it had some good moments but it was a little too shallow and didn’t feel like it had the passion the first two games had behind them. It felt like a corporate production, kind of similar to the star wars prequels, but i was still able to enjoy it. I just hope they take me4 in the right direction

  3. I’ll happily admit that I won’t be going back to mass effect for the same reasons I won’t be going back to AC4, too many cooks in the kitchen. So with ME4 i’m not expecting anything decent right now since, bio ware has no qualms about destroying the momentum of a good story from one of their better writers and then when the fans get upset they decide to scream artistic integrity and ignore their customers.

    I’m not saying that the community was in the right but what I’m am saying is that I no longer trust bio ware to do another well written and well researched story like they did with mass effect 1.

    I’ll also admit that I know nothing of the DLC’s that came out after that whole debacle since I was so disgusted by the implications that Shepard was mankinds worst criminal ever(apply shepards final decision to historical dictators and you see the semblance) that I traded my copy back in after the “fixed” ending came out.

  4. Will we be able to select both genders like in Mass Effect 3 when creating a character?

  5. I hope the game has nothing to do with the reapers at all, which leads me to hope that ME4 takes place AFTER the original series adopting one of the possible ME3 endings as Canon…or of course, taking the ME3 save file and implementing every choice made throughout the series to somehow impact the new story. I think a prequel wouldn’t do as much justice for the franchise as a sequel (though unrelated to any of the other games’ events) would be.
    What I would love to see more than anything else though is fully voiced female and male characters depending on which race you choose to be the main protagonist (YOU). I have yet to see this done for any game that lets you fully customize the main character and I think it’d be 100% worth the longer wait to see our fully customized character speak during the cutscenes. It wouldn’t be too difficult just time consuming…say there are 6 playable races…they would need 12 different actors/actresses to voice the entire game. THIS IS 100% DOABLE and I think it would be very rewarding for EA and Bioware to do this.
    What do you guys think?

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