Blizzard Reveals Heroes of the Storm Artwork

heroes of the storm

Back in October, we reported on Blizzard filing a trademark for something called “Heroes of the Storm”—and it seems that we now know for sure what the hell it is.

A commenter speculated that it was for the long-awaited “Blizzard Dota” game, and indeed, a post on Polygon reports that’s exactly what it’s for—only it’s not called “Dota” because of Valve’s trademark on that term for its own forthcoming Dota game. In fact, that particular bit of news came through in late October, but I guess we missed it. Whoops!

(For a lesson on what the hell “Dota” is, look no further than our All Your History series on the genre.)

The post says that the game went from “Blizzard Dota” to “Blizzard All-Stars,” and is now Heroes of the Storm, though at the end of the day, a dota is a dota is a dota. Anyway, delight and marvel at the above glorious high resolution artwork for the game! Hooray!

Now, that still leaves the mystery of “Warlords of Draenor” to get solved…

[Via Polygon]

  1. Never played the War3 original dota, just the Starcraft variant, and I remember having no idea whatsoever what the hell I was doing, and then being kicked because of that.

    Good times.

  2. Nyx nyx nyx.

  3. Hmm…
    Defense of the Ancients = DOTA
    Heroes of the Storm = HOTS?

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