Vita Gets PS4 Update


A post on the PlayStation Blog from yesterday reveals that there’s a PlayStation Vita update out now that you can download that’ll make the handheld console ready to play nice with the forthcoming PlayStation 4. This, my friends, is going to be cool.

The video above explains what the PS4 Link button that’ll be added to your home screen will do. As we’ve learned over the last few months, the Vita will be able to stream PlayStation 4 games over Wi-Fi—any Wi-Fi, that is, as long as they’re both connected. It’s not going to be totally perfect, of course, since Wi-Fi is a fickle beast. As the above narrator tells us, “Gaming performance over remote play will be best when PS4 is connected via Ethernet and PS Vita is in close proximity to the Wi-Fi access point. When playing a game on the PS4 that supports second-screen features, you can use the PS Vita as a second screen for the PS4.”

While I haven’t gotten my PS4 yet (because Sony is a jerk and won’t answer any of my letters), I’m super excited about this functionality. Moreover, when you activate the PS4 Link app, it says that Remote Play will let you “operate the PS4 system using the PS Vita system.” SO—does that mean that I’ll be able to use the Vita as a straight-up remote for my PS4?

I’m going to be retiring my Xbox 360 soon, and that’s done the lion’s share of DVD playing. Since the PS4 is the newest jam, I’m going to need a remote for when I watch Netflix and movies and whatnot. Will I be able to use the Vita itself to do that? That sure would be convenient. Will I be able to use it as a controller for games from the get-go? Or will that only work for streaming games to the Vita?

Questions. I’m looking forward to figuring out the answers.

[Via PlayStation Blog]

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