SpeedRunners Will be Free to Play

This past weekend I played SpeedRunners on Steam with a couple friends of mine. For those who don’t know, it’s a crazy 2D platforming/racing game that’s in beta right now. Think a cross between Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Kart, and you’ve got the basic gist for how Speed Runners works. You and your friends compete to stay in the lead, and anyone who falls off-screen is out. Whoever manages to be the last man running three times wins. It’s simple, and it’s good.

According to a post on RockPaperShotgun, the game’s developer, tinyBuild, is going to make the game’s offline mode free-to-download, but will charge a price to play online with your pals. Said the game’s creator Alex Nichiporchik:

“I’ve seen it multiple times when people pirate some sort of software, fall in love with it, and then due to constant updates reminders end up buying it, just for the convenience. Basically, when developers provide a good service, people see the value in spending money. Minecraft is a great example. With the constant updates, it’s so clear you should throw your money at the screen – simply provide a service, making it much more convenient than searching for cracks.”

We’ve decided to make SpeedRunners free when it comes out. The local version of SpeedRunners will be available completely free. You’ll be able to download it and play with your friends on a couch, or use any of the offline features (right now we have bots to play against offline). The online part of SpeedRunners will be what people pay money for, it’s the service we provide to players.”

Makes sense to me! And if you haven’t tried it out yet, go get it on Steam Early Access right now. It’s a blast.

[RPS via Eurogamer]

  1. this game is great!!!

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