You Play as Clementine in The Walking Dead: Season Two


We heard rumblings yesterday that TellTale Games, the talented chaps behind The Walking Dead: Season One, planned to show off the series’ second season today, October 29.

And that they did.

Below is the trailer for The Walking Dead: Season Two, in which you play as a slightly-older Clementine, fighting for survival through a dilapidated post-apocalyptic world that fell to chaos in Season One.

The game will be five episodes in length just like last time, and it’ll be available on all major current-gen platforms, including PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, and iOS. At least the first episode will release later this year, and will conclude in 2014. This, as you may know, is happening at the very same time that the developer’s latest adventure series, The Wolf Among Us, is also on a five-episode roll — with episode one out now for all to play.

TellTale Games also announced the unavoidable The Walking Dead: Season One: Game of the Year Edition for all platforms the game previously released on. It will include the full game, the 400 Days DLC, the soundtrack, and a behind-the-scenes video. This edition will be available for $29.99 soon.

  1. So I checked the Steam page for TWD and it says that your decisions from Season 1 will play into Season 2. Does that mean I have to play Season 1 if I want to get this? After watching a playthrough of Season 1 I really want to get this but don’t want to have to go through the previous five episodes.

    • more than likely that just means a statistical analysis will be made from all players and used to design the game or extra scenes and different will be shown when reading older data

    • It’s definitely worth playing the first season though. I watched the first 4 episodes on a let’s play but then I got it super cheap on xbox the one day they had it super cheap on xbox and I’ve decided that its an experience you should not only watch but play, because I’m sure the let’s player you watched made some decisions differently than you would have. Then again I got all the episodes for like 5 bucks so I might be biased.

    • Highly doubtful it’ll be restricted to only players who have Season One data. They’ll probably ask you a series of questions at the beginning to help fill out the metadata you would have organically generated yourself in the first season — much like how Mass Effect handles it.

      Or, they’ll start you from scratch and not have any scenes affected by previous actions. Either way, you’re good to go.

      But seriously, you should play season one anyway. And I mean pronto.

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