Limited Edition 3DS XL Bundled with New Zelda

zelda 3ds xl

The upcoming Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds looks like one of the more interesting new games in the franchise to come out in recent years. The 3D-to-2D mechanic looks great, and I’m very tempted to grab a copy. But if you’re one of the folks out there still without a 3DS, Nintendo has announced a specially branded, Zelda-themed bundle that comes packed with the game, set to hit store shelves on November 22.

The 3DS XL bundle will be painted gold and black, with the Triforce adorning the top, and your nerdliness showing through at every angle. An important note, however: the game is not actually included in the package. Rather, you’ll have a download code so you can grab the game from the Nintendo eShop as soon as you connect the 3DS XL to the Interwebs.

Know this, as well: the price of the bundle is a mere $219.99. The 3DS XL retails for $199.99, so this bundle is giving you a $40 game for half the price. This is basically a pretty great deal, you guys. If you’ve been on the fence about a 3DS, this is a pretty unbeatable situation, you know?

Seriously. Go get one. The 3DS is great, the XL is greater, and this Zelda game looks like the greatest.

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