EA Breaks Partnership with Tiger Woods


It’s been a long time coming. Ever since scandal (and less-than-stellar golf-playing) rocked the celebrity profile of Tiger Woods, industry watchers have wondered when EA would cease its partnership with the celebrity golfer. The answer, it seems, is “now.”

Yesterday, EA Sports announced in a press release that it’s moving forward with golf games featuring the PGA Tour license—but not with Tiger:

“EA SPORTS and Tiger Woods have also made a mutual decision to end our partnership, which includes Tiger’s named PGA TOUR golf game. We’ve always been big fans of Tiger and we wish him continued success in all his future endeavors.”

Mutual decision, eh? Somehow I doubt that’s specifically the case. More likely, I think, is that because Tiger’s star power has diminished significantly in recent years, EA didn’t want to pony up as much money to put his face on the box. Tiger’s management probably wanted a higher amount than EA was willing to give, so instead of negotiating, I bet EA just decided to walk away. And here we are.

But, despite the loss of Tiger, EA is focusing on the future. As you can see above, the company provided a new screenshot to show off its next-gen golf game, and it looks pretty. That said, it’s still just scenery. I imagine that the boost in hardware is going to result in a nice looking golf game no matter who’s on the front of the package.

[EA Sports]

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