Walking Dead Season 2 Teased

walking dead season 2

Telltale Games has really come into its own recently. Last year’s The Walking Dead episodic game was a pretty huge hit, and helped finally put the studio on the map. And the first episode of the developer’s new game, A Wolf Among Us, has only kept people’s expectations of the studio nice and high.

So now that a new season of AMC’s Walking Dead TV series has begun, it only makes sense for Telltale to get back into the zombie action. Here’s a post on the developer’s Twitter feed from yesterday:

As you can see, there’s some kind of announcement for season two of the Walking Dead episodic series that’s going to get announced tomorrow at 3 p.m. Eastern. The specifics of that announcement are a bit of a mystery, though. It’s already clear that a second season is coming, so why make an announcement to make an announcement?

So it’s entirely possible that something new and interesting will be coming. Maybe the episodes will be twice as long? Maybe there’ll be a simultaneous retail launch as well? I don’t know. But I do know that whatever the specifics, this game is going to sell like hotcakes. Undead hotcakes.


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