Machinima Wingman App Launching with Xbox One

We know what you’re thinking—there is literally not enough Machinima in your life every single day. That’s a struggle I happen to go through myself every moment I’m even awake. It’s a big problem.

Well GOOD NEWS: launching exclusively with the Xbox One console from Microsoft on November 22 is the Machinima Wingman app, which you can call up while you’re playing any ol’ game. As soon as you call up the app, you’ll have the option of watching all sorts of related videos that can offer tips, tricks, or walkthroughs to help you get past whatever issue you’re having in your game.

If you take a look at the preview video above, you’ll see that our friends at Inside Gaming Daily Adam Kovic and Bruce Greene learn all about beating the bad guys in Dead Rising 3 from the beautiful and illustrious Chris Lockey. Just imagine—this November, that can be you listening to Chris Lockey while you play! Dreams do come true, you guys.

Now, this app is exclusive to the Xbox One, so that means all you PlayStation 4 buyers (myself included) will have to get along in games without the Machinima crew helping us through. Alas. Alack! It’s a sad life.

Anyway, there you go. Any of you fine folks planning on getting an Xbox One at launch? If so, you know what app to download first…NETFLIX. Then get the Machinima app later that day or something I guess.

  1. Unfortunate, but Machinima has always been bros with Microsoft. I’ll still be coming here for what I need to know, though.

  2. I’ll buy that for a dollar!

  3. Sad that im getting a ps4 initially but i will have this app one day on my xbone

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