Details about XCOM: Enemy Within’s Story Revealed

So XCOM: Enemy Within is coming out in just over a month, and it seems like it’ll be more than just an expansion on what was a pretty awesome turn-based strategy game. From what I can tell in this new trailer, we’ve got a full on new story happening, and it looks cool as hell.

As you can see, XCOM has to deal with more than just aliens: now there’s a rogue faction of humans called EXALT looking to undermine the alien-fighting organization’s efforts. And with that problem to solve, it seems as though XCOM has a new soldier type: the “covert operative.” Check out this screen:


Over in the “Objectives” list in the top left, we see that he can “disrupt EXALT comm arrays,” so I have a feeling that there are going to be a few levels where you have to deal with aliens, EXALT tech, and annoying EXALT operatives who are actively trying to screw with you. Fighting the battle on two fronts is that much more interesting, and should compensate for the various superpowers you’ll enjoy with the mech and gene soldiers that are new to Enemy Within.

What’s cool about that too is that it fits thematically with the “Enemy Within” idea—these are humans who are screwing over humans. Awesome.

As ever, I’ll refer you back to my preview of Enemy Within from PAX Prime back in August, which should satisfy your curiosity on how the new enhancements will work, along with designer Ananda Gupta’s behind-the-scenes explanations for how the team came up with a lot of these ideas.

Can’t wait for this to drop in November. Check out the rest of the screens:












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