Xbox One Will Automatically Record Cheevo Moments

I’ve long wondered at the value of achievements and trophies in games. Sure, I understand that folks like having different goals for extraordinary play in games, but isn’t just beating the game enough? What about high scores? So many achievements come from simply beating levels—I hardly understand the overall point.

But that’s just me: and Microsoft knows it. That’s why the Xbox One’s built-in DVR function will actually record moments when gamers earn achievements. The news comes by way of a post on VG247 from yesterday, which linked to a video by someone named ChampChong, who was at the Xbox One booth at the EB Games Expo last week. There, Mr. ChampChong interviewed Adam Pollington, the product manager for Xbox Australia.

Said Pollington regarding the DVR functionality for the Xbox One:

“[…] the DVR will automatically record any achievements that take place. So whenever you unlock a Gamerscore, it’ll automatically record how you did that, so you can check it out later.”

Is that cool? Is that something you like? Will you use that to make your YouTube videos? Will you edit together a greatest hits compilation of your different achievements in Call of Duty: Ghosts? You could do that if you wanted. Show it at parties. But I will never watch it.

Still, it’s interesting to hear about the different ways that the next-gen consoles are being made to take advantage of the YouTube generation. The industry has changed quite a bit since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 first came out, and a lot of today’s fans are all about using consoles to make content rather than just play it. Machinima itself, of course, was founded on this practice, so I have nothing but love for you folks who bring your gaming exploits to the web.

What do you think of this function? Get you going? Get you yawning?

[Via VG247]

  1. IMO, the only possible use to record cheevos would be to show others how to, achieve them, otherwise, the achievement itself is proof enough that you got it.

  2. This is not entirely true. Not ‘every’ achievement will be recorded. It’s in the hands of developers to decide when the DVR feature records something. Therefore it doesn’t even have to be an achievement, it could be when you find a secret area or Easter egg =)

  3. Battlefield 2143 easter eggs on next-gen console BF4 anyone?

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