NBA 2K14 Review

Developer: Visual Concepts | Publisher: 2K Sports | Played On: PS3 | Price: $59.99 | ESRB: Everyone


The NBA series by 2K Sports has had very little competition in this current generation of gaming consoles. EA Sports’ basketball offerings have been promised and then cancelled for several seasons running, but 2K keeps its home court domination rolling with NBA 2K14. With smooth gameplay, classy presentation, and solid game mode offerings, 2K is adding another winner to its already impressive dynasty.

NBA 2K14 delivers more of the fantastic gameplay we have come accustomed to season after season. The fluidity of the player movement on-court is at an all time high, and some of basketball’s most intense battles have been captured with even more realism than in the past. One of the most noticeable gameplay changes this year comes in the arsenal of moves a defender can now use to thwart an offensive playmaker. Tired of getting dunked on time-after-time when your defender looked to be in good position to at least change the shooter’s path to the basket? You’ll be thrilled to find out that blocked dunks are now in the game. Now you can be rewarded for good defensive positioning near the rim. It does feel great to send away a few dunks and lay up attempts, and in some cases right to a teammate to start a fast-break in the opposite direction.


The action in the paint isn’t all about blocks however. Players crash into each other during layups and scraps for possession of the ball. The general feel of taking the ball to the basket is much more life-like this year with all the added collision and body-on-body animations. It made it feel like a battle to get to the rim for that layup and there are fewer “free” or uncontested buckets.

Running the offense is also rewarding in several ways. AI teammates are effective in spacing the floor, which allows for more room to run effective plays. It’s incredibly satisfying to pass the ball around the perimeter waiting for the center to post up for a killer pass. The proper floor spacing also allowed for that same Center to pass the ball back out to the perimeter after feeling a double team by the defense, and ending up with a wide open look from 3-point range from my shooting guard…nothing but net!


The NBA 2K Series has always innovated with its game modes, and this year cover athlete LeBron James gets special treatment in the all new “LeBron: Path To Greatness” mode. It offers an interesting choice: You can either choose to continue a path towards a dynasty with LeBron staying in Miami with the Heat, or you can follow another path of free agency and personal glory elsewhere for the NBA superstar. Ever imagine what would happen if LeBron were to play in the Big Apple? Or make a triumphant or awkward return to the Cleveland Cavaliers? You play out many of these scenarios if you opt for the “Fantastic Journey” path to greatness. It would have been more fun if this path was more open-ended and dynamic, with a choice of joining any NBA team instead of playing out a predetermined set of events. Still, the path to greatness mode is a great addition and a fascinating twist for NBA fans to witness a couple of what-ifs.

MyTeam mode returns for a second season in NBA 2K14. The card collection-based offering similar to those “ultimate team” modes offered in EA Sports’ games such Madden and FIFA offers a more diverse way to play games both online and offline this year. You can play in season mode where you play a real NBA team’s full schedule to earn virtual currency and unlock boosts and players along the way. New this year is the addition of tournaments that require certain standards to enter, such as having an all bronze, silver, or gold level squad. This should ensure tournaments will be available for teams who have been playing for a while and improving their rosters as well as people who are just starting their teams. The road to the playoffs format has returned from last season as well, consisting of a series of games in which your team needs to win three out of 12 online games to qualify for the eighth playoff seed. The ultimate goal of the mode is to become the number one seed and win player cards and coin rewards along the way.


The format that the NBA 2K series arguably executes better than any other sports game is MyCareer mode. This player career mode has always evolved the ways to progress your character both on and off the court. Despite no revolutionary changes this year, minor enhancements make the overall experience a bit smoother. Your player’s on screen team grade rating graphic gets a fresh look for one. Also, tedious but necessary skill drills can now be played all in one session instead of entering and exiting loading screen after loading screen. Pre-Draft interviews, Post Game interviews, and sit down talks with the team’s General Manager look to be almost identical to last season’s offerings. As good as the MyCareer mode is, I’ve always longed for some customization in my player’s voice or mannerisms in dealing with the media, as everyone’s MyCareer player sounds exactly the same regardless of how they are otherwise customized.

Veteran NBA 2K players should also rejoice the return of Crew mode for the first time since NBA 2K11. Crew mode is an online mode where five players team up to take on another set of five players similar to how the NHL hockey series manages its 6-on-6 online games and leagues. For whatever reason the mode was ditched from NBA 2K12 and 13. While this return is welcome it isn’t the fully featured mode many franchise fans had hoped for. Crew mode games in NBA 2K14 are played on blacktop courts instead of the typical NBA arena setting, and while games can be up to 5-on-5, the games are played with blacktop rules, so ending when a team reaches 21 points. Due to a lack of online players at the time of this review, it was tough to get a feel for this new brand of Crew mode in action, but why this change to blacktop rules when the previous versions followed full NBA standards?


Presentation elements in NBA 2K14 get a new look from last year. New loading and lineup screens add a fresh look with silky smooth transitions after baskets that felt much more like quick TV broadcast cuts and less and less like a videogame cut scene. Euro league teams are included in the game for the first time to add an international flair. You also have your very first chance to play with the newly renamed New Orleans Pelicans, including a double-take from Commissioner David Stern when they are on the clock for the NBA draft in MyCareer Mode.

NBA 2K14 is as solid as current gen basketball gaming gets. While not a revolutionary advancement over last year, smart gameplay tweaks and the return of a couple favorite game modes make it once again a must buy for hardcore NBA fans. MyCareer mode is still the leader in sports career modes for any sport, although sky-high expectations mean we always want more. We’ll probably expect more innovation next year, but no doubt NBA 2K14 delivers a season full of NBA action for any fan.


+ Gameplay improvements including blocked dunks & improved player spacing

+ Crew mode returns (although limited)

- Innovative MyCareer mode starting to feel a little stale

8.5 / 10


  1. Do not like limited gameplay of crew mode wish I would have waited later when price was reduced same as 2k13 not worth 60 bucs yal really losing customers fast bring back regular crew mode even if u have to charge for it bring it back please

  2. 2K14 Sucks and is a total waist. They’ve totally eff’d up blocking I’m literally averaging 15 blocks per game. Anybody can block anybody, makes no since. But the very worst part is if you like player control forget about it. Anybody that was truly a beast with finger control on past 2k’s like myself will agree with me. Just like the dude I found at this link: You should sell your game for a discount to the next sucker like 2K did you. 2k deserves no money this year.

  3. 2K really jacked up the game of basketball with “My Career”! Someone please explain how it’s so easy for the AI to get open lanes, yet the user has to battle against his teammates always in the way. Did they even test this game before they released it? And if so, wth tested it? Couldn’t have been a real ball player! That’s not the only complaint, let’s look at the fact that no matter how fast a player is the computer’s slowest guy can catch him or the fact that if your going away from the defense they have an uncanny ability to make you go to them. Uhhh 2K, how bout no? It’s caked a foul if I’m going away from the basket with the defender behind me, but I end up going backwards towards the goal; it means I’m being pulled! Call me… I’ll be happy to get paid to test this series and point out all the flaws!

  4. save yourself 60 dollars worst 2k ive ever played in my life completely horrible cant stress it enough

  5. 2k14 is the worst game I have ever played in my life 2k brings you a complicated, rushed game with a horrible feel to it. I cannot stand the frustration in this game its basicay nothing like real life. Ever since I got it I had fun in the beginning but the online is the worst part at most the game is WAY too delayed and the players shot making abilitys are terrible once you get into the game. I am 22-38 online because every team I use cant make shots even with perfect timing. They always put my team in cold streaks and shooting slumps with every team I use I can go on today. I almost broke my xbox controller because of this stupid horrible game I am gonna be done with 2k forever If they make bullshit like this again

  6. I really like this game but MyCareer just sucks. Like I’m wide open for a three and I miss I get like a A- on it and I just miss. I have an 85 three point so I don’t know why I miss. Also the turnovers are bad I’m calling for a pick and roll and my teammate bumps into me and i loose the ball. This game is fun but I just want those things to get fixed

  7. I agree, having played this game for 20 hours now, I can say with absolute certainty that the play controls are more sloppy now than they’ve EVER been in any basketball game in history. Forcing players to use the right stick to make such awkward movements is akin to asking someone to steer a corvette at 150mph with a Wii controller.

  8. seriously how can all these reviewers get it so wrong? i LOVED the last 2k, loved it. had no problems, even when i did have a bad game it was because of myself and i didn’t feel cheated. 2k14 is the WORST 2k i have ever played. been playing 2k since 2k7. everything about the gameplay is worse. maybe it’s just mycareer mode, but still it is ridiculous how clunky and unresponsive the controls are. horrible animations that ruin the game and change the outcome. they basically take the game out of your hands and have already decided the outcome. if you like shooting, sure go ahead try the game. but if you like basketball ie. passing, dribbling, defending, do NOT even waste your money on this garbage, try 2k12. oh and microtransactions? 2k you’ve lost a customer with that trash.

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