Ubisoft Announces South Park: Stick of Truth Release Date

SPRK Pre-Order Sheet

The long-awaited South Park: The Stick of Truth RPG lives! The game was purchased by Ubisoft from the sinking ship that was THQ when it filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, and since then, there hasn’t been much in the way of information regarding a release date—which was originally scheduled for spring 2013.

But today, Ubisoft broke its silence, announcing that we’ll finally get our hands on the Obsidian-developed role playing game on December 10 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. Ubisoft also announced that pre-orders will receive the “Ultimate Fellowship Pack,” which includes four exclusive costumes: the Necromancer Sorcerer, the Rogue Assassin, the Ranger Elf, or the Holy Defender.


Then there’s the premium, “Grand Wizard Edition” (oh, South Park), which costs $79.99, and includes a six-inch replica figure of Grand Wizard Cartman from Kidrobot, and a Kingdom of South Park Map. That edition will also include the bonus content from the Ultimate Fellowship Pack.

Overall, it sounds pretty good to me. Take a look at the screenshots below for one more glimpse of the game. Hopefully the delay had more to do with Ubisoft finding a way to work it into its schedule, rather than any problems with the game itself. I’ve got high hopes for this one, and I’d hate to be disappointed, you guys.







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