Injustice Coming to Vita


There isn’t much here that isn’t clear in the headline and strapline from the front page, y’all: Injustice: Gods Among Us is likely headed for the PlayStation Vita handheld within the next few moons, as reported by a post on SiliconEra. That information comes from Germany’s games ratings board, which rated a Vita version despite the fact that developer NetherRealm Studios, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive, nor Sony have announced any such port forthcoming.

That said, Injustice did pretty well, and even managed to earn some high marks from critics when it released earlier this year. I can imagine that a Vita port might not have all the bells and whistles of its bigger console cousins. But I do wonder whether or not there would be some kind of Vita/PS3 interaction. Maybe some cross-platform fighting? Maybe playing with the Vita as a controller?

All of that is unlikely, considering that the majority of titles that come out for both platforms have largely ignored the possibilities of interactivity. But it sure would be cool, wouldn’t it?

Until Sony or someone actually announces this, though, we’ll have to wait and see what it’s got.

[Via SiliconEra]

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