Sonic Lost World Delayed One Week

Sega’s latest attempt to bring Sonic the Hedgehog back into relevance, the Wii U and 3DS exclusive Sonic: Lost World published by Nintendo, will be delayed by a week. The news comes by way of an extended trailer, sitting pretty at the top of this post.

The game was set to come out for Nintendo’s current generation of consoles on October 22, but will instead be coming out on October 29. What can be done in a week? I have no idea—chances are good that the delay has more to do with finding an open spot in the autumn release schedule rather than anything having to do with finishing or polishing the game.

I had the chance to play through a level of Lost World on the Wii U at PAX last month, and I’ll say this: it sure was a Sonic game. Overall, it didn’t do a ton for me, but I also haven’t played a proper Sonic game since his Dreamcast debut way back in 1999, so I may be the wrong person to judge it.

It felt like a good enough game, and I get the feeling if you a) love Sonic and/or b) love Super Mario Galaxy, you may be pleased with what is essentially, uh, what it would be like if Sonic were in Super Mario Galaxy. Does that sound appealing to you? If so, man, this game is the game for you.

[Via Polygon]

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