Indie Game Stand Might Be Your New Shopping Stop for Indie Games


Just about a year ago, a little start-up site called Indie Game Stand surfaced, forming its own independent Humble Bundle-esque storefront where you could pay any price to get your hands on a new indie game. New, hand-selected titles were cycled in and out every 96 hours, and you could always support charity with a portion of your purchase.

It’s still going strong today, but the site has announced plans for expansion, effective immediately.

Today, that very same website has launched the IndieGameStand Store, a permanent digital shelf from which you can buy independently developed PC games, and avoid “the hoops of Steam and other services.”

As part of this momentous occasion for the site, the store is holding a sale that puts 14 indie games on sale at discounts of 15% and higher. The sale will run through October 1, so snag any titles you’re interested in while they’re cheaper than cheap (even though indie games are almost always on the cheap side).

To learn more about IGS, hit up their site (and maybe find a game you enjoy or something). As always, we at Inside Gaming encourage you to support the hard-working mothertruckers who make entertainment for you.

We also encourage you to drink straight from those hose because you don’t need no fancy cup or faucet, as you’re a man’s man, and you don’t need nobody telling you otherwise. Water, like indie games, is designed to be consumed as directly from the source as possible. There’s some sort of point I’m trying to make here I’m sure, but Tuesday’s been really rough (writing about video games is hard, y’all), so cut me some slack while I try and figure stuff out.

*sadly opens bag of banana chips*

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