New B. Orchid Confirmed in Killer Instinct

As the wait for the new batch of consoles continues, we’re still getting drips and drabs of information about what we’ll be able to play when they finally drop this fall. One of the more intriguing games is Killer Instinct, an Xbox One exclusive that reboots the classic N64/arcade fighting game for next-gen. As you can see in the above trailer, we’ve got what I believe to be the first sighting of a brand new character for the reboot—along with the new look for classic KI character B. Orchid.

Sadira looks pretty quick, and somehow spider-themed. So she’s creepy too! To me, she doesn’t look particularly memorable among the rest of the characters—but then, maybe I just need to get to know her. Whatever her deal is, she’s got something to do with giant spiders, so, you know, no thank you.

But if you wait until the end, the long awaited Black Orchid (usually referred to as B. Orchid) shows up to join her brother Jago, along with some kind of, like, light-based cat animal thing. It’ll be interesting to find out what other characters made the cut when Killer Instinct comes out when the Xbox One launches.

Furthermore, it’s not clear yet whether or not B. Orchid will be included in the first round of characters made available for download, or if she’ll be around for “season 2.” Killer Instinct is also going to be the one of the first (if not the first) games to be pay-per-character. It remains to be seen how gamers will respond to it all, so if nothing else, it’ll be interesting to watch what happens.

[Via GameSpot]

  1. Jago is Free.
    $5 for each additional character.
    Or $20 for every character(for that “season”) – If you’ve spent $5 or more on characters, you’ll get a discount on the full game. They don’t want to charge more than $20 for a “season” …
    Unless of course you get the $40 Ultra Edition which comes with all of “season one,” some additional skins and the Original Emulated Arcade version of Killer Instinct.

    Season 1 has 8 Characters, multiplayer, online multiplayer, tutorial, and a Story Mode. At launch you’ll only get 6 characters and no story mode; you’ll get the 2 other characters and story mode when they’re done, which’ll be by the end of the fiscal year.
    Any re-balancing of the game will be free and will be automatically downloaded.

    They’re planning to have “season 2″ be done by holiday 2014, which’ll have 8 additional characters, following the same pricing scheme as season one, and be fully compatible with season one, no matter how many of the characters you have or haven’t bought.
    They’ve -hinted- that the $40 version of season 2 will come with Killer Instinct 2.

    They’ll continue to release “seasons” every year if there is a demand for it.
    *all info is subject to change.

    I personally wish this was the way Capcom did it, instead of fracturing the user base by releasing two to four versions of the same game as they add new characters and re-balanced it, and making me repay for content I have already bought. I had enough of that and stopped purchasing and playing Capcom fighting games when they announced UMvC3.

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