Get all 3 Bioshock Games for $20 Today on Amazon

bioshock deal final

As a limited time deal on Amazon, you can now get the original Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and the fantastically-fun Bioshock Infinite for an astoundingly cheap $20. The deal appears to run until September 25, so act accordingly.

The Bioshock Triple Pack is available from 2K Games on Amazon as a PC-exclusive package, and is delivered to you in the form of downloads and game codes (for redemption in Steam). Note that you shouldn’t expect any additional content that was released as DLC for any of these games, as you’ll have to buy those yourself through Steam.

But, come on, brother – you’re getting not only one of the hottest games of the year for $20, you’re also getting its okay predecessor (Bioshock 2), and Bioshock 2’s immensely fantastic older brother, Bioshock. So stop reading this blog and go get this deal if you’ve yet to experience this franchise to its full potential.

And when I use the phrase “stop reading this blog,” I mean indefinitely. Run Simba, run away and never return.

But if you do return, bring tacos. And then we can talk about you reading our stuff again. No lettuce or tomatoes on those, by the way. The tacos, not the… reading.

[via Amazon]

  1. is there any way i can get this in Canada because when i try to get the bundle in Canada it say you can only get it in the us, so am i screwed then or what?

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