Can the PS4 Stream to the Vita…Anywhere?

The announcement of the Vita TV the other day left plenty of folks a bit more excited about the possibilities Sony has in store for us in the next few months. While on its own it’s merely a screenless Vita you plug into your television, it’s said to have the ability to stream PS4 games. While I initially thought that meant it would be restricted to just the same household, commenter ManBearRacist pointed out the above video that seems to “prove” otherwise.

If you skip to about 1:27, you can see a girl streaming her game session of Knack from her PS4 in the dorm room to her Vita in the cafeteria. The video was actually shown at the end of Sony’s conference the other day, but I think that lots of outlets may have missed that detail—at the very least, I know I did.

We’ve known for a while that Sony made it a mandate for developers to make every game streamable to the Vita, much like the Wii U can stream its games to the GamePad tablet. But that function is limited by staying in the same range as the Wii U itself. If you’ve got thick walls like in my apartment, it doesn’t quite work. Maybe I’m the only one who thought this way, but I assumed that the Vita would be hampered by the same sort of restriction, that you’d have to have your Vita on the same Wi-Fi network as your PlayStation 4 to make this work.

But this video seems to suggest that’s not the case. Can you stream the PlayStation 4 to the Vita anywhere?

So there are still some questions. Is the Vita TV a necessary intermediary to get this done? Is the ability built into the PS4 itself? And if you can stream the PS4 to the Vita, can you stream the Vita to the PS4 and play games on your TV without needing the Vita TV?

I have so many more questions now than I did before. When I first got my Vita, I thought that I’d be able to use it as a controller in most, if not all, PlayStation 3 games. This was clearly a mistake on my part, due to wishful thinking and a misunderstanding of what Sony was promising (it turns out that Sony promised only a few games would be Cross-Controller compatible). But the renewed focus on the PS4 and Vita playing well with each other has renewed my hope that the two devices will be far more symbiotic, and will give gamers more playing options than ever before.

Hopefully we’ll have more answers soon. I’ve tweeted at Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, who’s answered plenty of questions on the PS4 so far, and I’m hoping he’ll let me know what the deal is.

Stay tuned.

  1. Wooohooo! It’s important we start asking important questions like this, and not focus on the fanboy things like which console is more powerful and whatnot. There’s so many exciting things we don’t know about PS4 and the new capabilities of Sony’s consoles, the ideas and speculations are endless and very exciting. Man i could talk about these things for days.

    Offtopic, has there been any word about the humble bundles coming to consoles? I also harrased Shuhei Yoshida on twitter but I guess as the number of people trying to reach him increases there’s less chance of actually getting a response.

  2. Spelled my name wrong in all the excitement xD

  3. I posted a comment accidentally as manbearacisF which is presently being moderated’ previous comment reffers to that one…

  4. Also i think the Vita’s hardware isn’t powerful enough to stream it’s content to the PS4. Hence the PSVitaTV, which adds that ability to play Vita games on your TV for a low price, but still generates massive revenue for Sony because of it’s RemotePlay technology. It’s a great strategy well thought out by Sony.

  5. Wow, Japanese people look really fun lol

  6. PSVITA and PSVITATV remoteplay through internet connection was officialy confirmed by shuhei yoshida in the pre TGS keynote conference (:

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